Giving Begins with the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts; gifts to the Annual Fund directly support Barrie’s current-year operating expenses and help cover the difference (or "gap") between the cost of a Barrie education and the tuition charged – more than $5,180 per student. Annual gifts supply critical resources needed to bridge this gap and maintain the best possible programs for every student on our campus.

Another principal aim of the Annual Fund is to achieve a high level of participation. This commitment conveys to everyone, including potential corporate and foundation donors, that those closest to Barrie highly value what the school does for children.

Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. We encourage participation in the Annual Fund at a level that is meaningful to you. We ask that you give as generously as you can.

Why do we have an Annual Fund? 

  • To maintain our classrooms' socio-economic diversity through financial aid
  • To support technology upgrades across campus
  • To maintain our low student/teacher ratio

Your contribution can make a significant difference to our students and faculty. When a Barrie School volunteer calls, please respond generously. Thank you. The generosity of all our Annual Fund contributors helps provide this crucial support.

Click here to make an online donation to this year's Annual Fund..