Barrie strives to build bridges to the world at-large, in our local community, our metropolitan area, and around the globe. Through our growing network of partnerships, we work to bring the world to Barrie, and to bring Barrie to the world.

Respect for Others

Understanding, sensitivity, compassion, appreciation: these characteristics are inherent in respect for others. Barrie nurtures in every student a keen awareness that transcends “self.” As we move into the second decade of the

21st Century, global awareness is more important than ever. Barrie is at the forefront with programs that build sensitivity, understanding, and appreciation of other cultures and perspectives. Lower School children experience the world and expand their cultural understanding as early as our Toddler Program. Unique partnerships with schools and organizations abroad have been thoughtfully structured to help deepen conceptual knowledge surrounding global issues and expand our students’ world views.

Read more about Barrie's recent on-campus learning collaboration with the National Park Service. We are proud to be working with the NPS during their 100th anniversary year. Special thanks to Barrie parent and NPS special advisor Allison Druin for writing up the day's events. And of course, don't forget to #FindYourPark -- get out and visit a National Park today!