What is the Parent Teacher Organization?

The goal of the PTO is to promote active engagement between and among parents and school staff to build community at Barrie. We encourage and promote activities at the class, division, grade, and school level that help parents connect to each other and school staff.

Do I have to join the Parent Teacher Organization?

  • As a parent or guardian of a Barrie student, you are automatically a member of the PTO.

Is there a fee?

  • A $50 per family fee is assessed to help offset the cost of events.
  • We ask that parents and guardians consider making a donation or pledge to the Annual Fund.

What is expected of parents at Barrie?

  • Barrie requests six volunteer hours per year, per family
  • Families may volunteer all at once or a few times per trimester

How can I get involved as a Parent?

  • You can volunteer to be a class representative or contact your class rep to participate in events and activities

Are there ways for me to volunteer without being on campus?

Yes! Some ways you can volunteer include:

  • Virtually teaching a lesson to a group of students
  • Hosting an Admission event at your home for potential new families
  • Attending an off campus Admission event
  • Securing auction items for Barrie’s annual fundraiser, For the Love of Barrie
  • Creating a blog, podcast, or video for Barrie
  • Assisting with event planning including creating invitations and flyers
  • Writing a grant, get the word out on fundraising, or send emails and make phone calls to current or potential donors

Contact Wendy Granier for more information.

Do I have to give a holiday gift to teachers and are there any guidelines?

  • No, you are not required to give a holiday gift to teachers.
  • Gift guidelines are as follows:
    • If parents choose to make a gift to a teacher or other school employee, the value of the gift must be less than $25, unless the gift is combined from several people, in which case the gift must still be less than $25 per person.
    • The PTO sponsors lunch during Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week in May
    • Parents may also make a donation to the Annual Fund in honor of a faculty or staff member

How can I get information on other families? Is there a directory?

  • Yes, our new student information system allows us to publish an online directory.
    • Information will be shared at Back to Barrie Night

Can parents get involved in other committees?

  • Parents can get involved in various Board committees, including:
  • The Advancement Committee (Fundraising)
  • Facilities
  • Finance

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Board of Trustees, please contact Head of School Jon Kidder.