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Kirstie Abernathy MS, RN, CPN

Upper Campus Health Office
Neubert Cottage (12 months - Grade 3)

Lower Campus Health Office 
Upper Elementary Building (Grades 4-12) 

Phone: 301-576-2814 

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The School and Camp Nurse is responsible for monitoring the health and wellness of Barrie students and campers, and is available to assist staff with medical emergencies. The Nurse provides first aid, maintains student health records, administers medications on campus, monitors allergies and illnesses, conducts health screenings, and consults and promotes health and wellness with students and faculty.

The Health Office does not function as a primary care facility or urgent care. By law, school nurses are not able to make medical diagnoses or prescribe treatments but may assess, and serve as a resource for referrals to off-campus professionals as needed. The School Nurse works closely with Barrie's Student Support Services Team to best meet student health needs.   

When accidents, injuries or illnesses occur during school hours, basic first aid and/or emergency care will be given according to the Maryland Board of Nursing standards and practices. Please ensure that your emergency contact information is up to date so that the nurse can contact you in the event of student illness requiring pick up or emergency services. 

Health Policies

When to Keep Your Child at Home | Barrie School Food Allergy Policy | Barrie School Head Lice Policy

Health Forms - Due June 1, 2021

All school health forms MUST be completed and on file by June 1, 2021. Incomplete health forms or medication forms could potentially delay the student’s start date. In addition to the admissions forms required for enrollment, the forms below are REQUIRED in order for students to be able to start school.


Health Forms - Due June 1, 2021

Completed forms that are turned in for 2021 Barrie Camp and/or summer programs will be used for the 2020-21 school year. A second set of forms is not required. However, additional forms may be required in order to comply with the health form requirements as specified by student’s grade level. 

To access Barrie Camp Medical Forms, please log into your CampInTouch account.

Required Forms for New and Returning Barrie School Students 2021-22

The following forms are required by the State of Maryland. Students will NOT be allowed to start school or participate in any Barrie sponsored activities including off campus trips and athletics without completed health forms on file.

Medical forms should be submitted electronically via email to the health forms inbox, or faxed directly to the health office at 301-576-2805. Please retain all hard copies for your records.

  • Barrie School
    • All returning and newly enrolled students: Health Forms are due no later than June 1, 2021

Please contact School Nurse Kirstie Abernathy at 301-576-2814 if you have questions regarding the forms and what is required.

Lower School (Montessori) Toddler - Grade 5

Middle & Upper School (Prep) Grades 6-12