COVID-19 - School Reopening

2020 Health and Safety Reopening Plan - September 2, 2020

These plans reflects our current knowledge and will be updated as new information is made available.

First Day of School - August 26, 2020

Travel Advisory Reminder

While we are not able to restrict non essential travel for our Barrie students, families, and staff, we advise that you consider not traveling out of state during this time now that we have started to reopen our campus for in-person instruction. Please be aware that Governor Hogan issued a Travel advisory on July 28, 2020 for all Marylanders which states:

"The Maryland Department of Health strongly recommends that all Marylanders refrain from nonessential travel outside of Maryland due to the recent increase in COVID-19 infections in other states. Any Marylander returning from out-of-travel should get tested for COVID-19 promptly upon arrival in Maryland. Any Marylander who travels to a state with a COVID-19 test positivity rate above 10% should get tested and self-quarantine at home until the test result is received. The District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia are exempt from this recommendation.”

A list of state COVID-19 test positivity rates can be found using the Johns Hopkins Positivity Rate Tracker. Please refer to the Maryland Out of State Travel Advisory document for details. 

Therefore, if you choose to travel out of state (outside of the DC, Maryland, Virginia area) your child will need to be tested and self-quarantine at home until test results are received. 

If you have any questions, please contact School Nurse Kirstie Abernathy, R.N.

Calendar Updates

Please see the Online Calendar for the most up to date information on re-imagined events, changes and cancellations.


4 - Open Barn - cancelled
17 - Middle & Upper School Retreats - cancelled


3 - Fall Festival & Homecoming Dance - cancelled
16 - International Childrens' Day - parade cancelled
16 - Diversity Symposium - to be rescheduled


26 - Grandparents & Special Friends Day - moved to February

Reopening Timeline

A staggered reopening allows us to intentionally bring back groups of students to campus in smaller cohorts over time as recommended by the CDC. These plans are subject to change in response to evolving circumstances.

By sending my student to school, I acknowledge that I have a part in keeping my student(s) safe. Please see Return to School Acknowledgment of Risk

Returning to Campus

While On Campus

In the Event of a COVID-19 Case on Campus

Any school in any community might need to implement short-term closure procedures regardless of community spread if an infected person has been in a school building. If this happens, CDC recommends the following procedures regardless of the level of community spread:


Additional Resources

The Health and Wellness Blog

Written by Barrie School Director of Student and Family Services Dr. Natosha Speight and School Nurse Kirstie Abernathy, R.N.

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