Class of 2016

Michael Abate

Michael Zerihun Abate is the son of Zerihun Abate and Manyahlishal Telahun. Michael came to Barrie Prep in the ninth grade and has since become a vibrant member of the Barrie Prep community. Michael has participated in a plethora of activities such as participating in theatrical productions, sports, Student Government Association, Model United Nations,and Ethics Bowl. He would like to thank Barrie for so many different types of experiences, which have made him a more well-rounded person. He is also grateful for the opportunity to form lasting friendships with so many different types of people, which he hopes to continue in college. He thanks his parents for their endless support, Kristin for having high expectations of him, and Riki for always being understanding. Michael will attend American University this fall to study public health.

Edgar J. Butler

Edgar Jerome Butler, Jr., son of Edgar and Penny Butler, was born in Washington, DC. Edgar is grateful for his younger brother, Joseph, and his family. He attended the Washington Jesuit Academy for two years, and joined Barrie Prep in the ninth grade. At Barrie Prep, Edgar has been active on the basketball team and in the musical, The Wiz, where he made his comic debut as the Scarecrow this year. He would like to thank his family and friends for all of their support. Edgar plans to attend the University of Maryland Baltimore County to study mechanical engineering.

Thomas Cruz

Thomas Cruz, son of Yulisa Cruz, joined Barrie Prep in his junior year. His two years at Barrie have changed his life by helping him to grow into the free-thinking, community-minded individual he is today. During his senior year at Barrie, Thomas served as the Co-President of the Student Government Association and Co-Captain of the soccer team, and he made his acting debut as the Cowardly Lion in the Barrie Prep musical, The Wiz. Thomas is grateful for the Barrie community, as he has been able to forge strong bonds with a wide array of people. Thomas especially cherishes all the friends he has made at Barrie, especially his brothers and sisters in the Class of 2016. He thanks his mother and sister for all of their support. Thomas plans to attend Morehouse College, possibly after a gap year in Brazil. He plans on studying obstetrics/midwifery and hopes to one day open up his own holistic medical practice.

Aaron M. Haynie

Aaron Matthew Haynie, son of Jessica and Michael Haynie, Sr., has attended Barrie Prep since ninth grade. Aaron quickly became a leader among his peers starting in ninth grade both on and off of the field and court. Aaron’s favorite classroom experience was in an elective this year, Exploration of Consciousness, where he learned to meditate and think differently about the world. In twelfth grade Aaron’s greatest accomplishment besides winning Most Valuable Player of the entire ISAAC basketball league was being granted a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Rochester. Aaron would like to thank his parents, because he would not be half the person he is without them. He would also like to thank all those teachers, peers and family members who have motivated him to achieve excellence.

Forrester Lee

Forrester Lee, son of Matthew and Rachel Lee, began Barrie Prep in tenth grade. Since then, he has participated in basketball, track, soccer and tennis, while also playing drums in the Barrie band and serving as grade representative for two years in the Student Government Association. Forrester also participated in the Ethics Bowl, and he played drums for this year’s musical, The Wiz. Barrie gave him an environment where he could explore his passions, including music, basketball, debate, and history. He would like to thank his parents, who have always been a constantly supportive in every way. He would also like to thank all of his teachers, in particular his Humanities teachers, Paul, Persis, and Laura; his advisors/Math teachers Roberto, and Riki; his French teachers Sophie, Lucie, and Anna; his science teachers Muzhou, Noel, and Rob; his music director David Dulaney; his history teachers David Weiner and Charlotte Gaw; and his coaches Silvino, EJ, Marcus, Mike, Jeff, Rachelle, and Richard. He could not thank each person enough for the time spent making his experience at Barrie incredible. Forrester plans to study history and political science at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont.

Eva Joelle Rocke

Eva Rocke, daughter of Abby Stavitsky and Sidney Rocke, joined Barrie Prep in the middle of her sophomore year. Eva has served as Captain of the varsity soccer and varsity softball teams. She has participated in two plays, a musical, varsity tennis, Gay/Straight Alliance, Green Committee, Poetry Club, Activities Committee, and organized three Aumazo fundraisers. Eva would like to thank her parents, sister, Nona, Grandma, Ellen, Laurie, Marshall, Ivor, Jackson, Samantha, Leah, and the Seldowitz and Kellner families. Her paws4people family includes: Cece, Terry, Danielle, Caroline, Kyria, Patrick, Traci, Simon, Travis, Kelly, Keith, Matthew, John (Flanagan, Ready, and Fleming), Bob, Susan, Walter, Joan, Nate, Brock, Victoria, Sam, Sara, Shelley, Miami, Carol, Jeff, Maddie, Caitlin, and the Werner, Bernard, and Ball families. On this day, Eva remembers Todd Stickler, Sam Rocke, Paul Olsen, and Charles Ladd who are here today in spirit. She also would like to thank her teachers, in particular: Paul, Persis, Laura, Ernie, Riki, David Dulaney, David Weiner, Anna, Patrick, Sunny, Silvino, and Roberto. Eva and DAYTON will attend Towson University in the fall, with Eva majoring in Special Education and French.

Aaron Beaufort

Aaron Beaufort, the son of Raquel Beaufort and Gerald Richardson, has attended Barrie Prep since ninth grade. He broadened his horizons while at Barrie Prep, performing at Howard University with the choir and competing at American University with the Ethics Bowl team. He is a self-motivated entrepreneur who already has his own business selling sneakers, and he plans to study business marketing at Morehouse College.

David A. Martinez Ruiz

David A. Martinez Ruiz, son of Ana Isolina Ruiz, joined Barrie Prep his ninth-grade year. His four years at Barrie Prep have helped him grow into the man he is today. During his junior year, David attended great summer programs that helped him pursue the career of his choice, business and management. As a senior, David grew into a leader at Barrie Prep. He participated in many activities such as soccer, where he was the team’s Captain for all four years, Tech Crew, Activities Committee, and many others. David would like to thank his mother for making it all possible. She has supported David through his life and has helped him succeed. He would also like to thank most of his class for teaching him so much and for their overall support. David will attend Bucknell University to study business and global management.

Maya Alexes Butler

Maya Alexes Butler, daughter of Elana and Martin Butler, started at Barrie Prep in the eighth grade. Her five years at Barrie Prep allowed her to grow tremendously as a person. During her junior and senior years at Barrie Prep, Maya took on the role of Co-President of the Activities Committee along with Jong-Sun Mayele. Maya has also played a number of different sports, including volleyball, softball, track and field, and soccer. Maya is particularly proud of being named her basketball team’s Most Valuable Player four years in a row. She also participated in the musical last year, Hairspray. Maya would like to thank her teachers, family, and friends for helping her complete her years at Barrie Prep successfully. Maya will attend Hampton University in the fall to study nursing. After college, Maya intends to become a neonatal nurse and work in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Datagga “DJ” Brothers

Datagga “DJ” Levene Brothers Jr., son of Datagga Brothers, Sr., and Kenya Brothers, joined Barrie Prep in seventh grade. His six years at Barrie Prep have formed him into what he his today. During his time at Barrie, DJ was Co-Class Representative in seventh grade and participated in many clubs and committees. He acted in two musicals and played sports year-round every year. This year he participated in the Activities Committee and was Co-Captain of the basketball team. DJ would like to thank the Barrie community for instilling in him the confidence to build strong relationships. DJ would like to thank his parents in particular because they helped keep his stress level down, and helped him develop into the young man he is today. He would also like to thank all his teachers. DJ has a passion for cars, and he will attend Pennsylvania State University Park to pursue his degree in mechanical engineering.

Zhen Zhang

Zhen Zhang, son of Heling Zhang and Xiuhong Tang, has attended Barrie Prep since the tenth grade. At Barrie Prep, Zhen participated in several athletic teams such as flag football, basketball, and badminton. Early on in high school, he discovered his true passion: mathematics. Most of all, Barrie Prep allowed him to learn and grow freely and independently. He would like to thank his parents who gave him the chance to study at Barrie Prep, and he would also like to give a special thank you to Riki Weeks, Laura Kulkarni, Paul Leistra, Daniel Farlow, and Coach Marcus Tomlin. Zhen plans to study restaurant management in college and to continue playing basketball.

Yuxiang Zhang

Yuxiang Zhang, son of Weiguo Zhang and Hongyan Li, has been a proud Barrie Mustang since the tenth grade. While at Barrie Prep, Yuxiang participated in many school clubs and activities such as badminton, E-sports, and softball. Yuxiang discovered his love of history, math, and humanities during his time in the Upper School. Although his English was not originally strong enough to excel in all his classes, he spent lots of time working hard to improve. Yuxiang’s favorite class is math, because it is a powerful vehicle to solve problems. Barrie Prep has also been fertile ground for nurturing his love of sports. He has been able to play his favorite sport, basketball, during each of his years at Barrie. Yuxiang spent his summers volunteering on mountains in China, an experience that taught him about people’s lives in the mountains, and he hopes to work with the community again in the future. In the fall, Yuxiang plans to attend Lynn University where he will study business management.

Sidney Luis

Sidney Luís, son of Pedro Luis and Madalena Da Silva, has attended Barrie Prep since his junior year. At Barrie, Sidney participated in basketball, track and field, and yoga. Arts is something that he has been interested for most of his life, including singing, dancing, writing or drawing. Sidney appreciated the opportunity to sing before his peers at the International Children’s Day last year. This year, he performed in the school’s spring musical, The Wiz. Sidney would like to thank his parents and other family members who had a direct impact on his education as well as his teachers at Barrie Prep: Rabiah Khalil, Rachelle Adams, Persis Andrews, and Riki Weeks. In the future, Sidney plans to study clinical psychology.

Jianwen Zhang

Jianwen Zhang, the son of Xiang Zhang and Jiarong Li, attended Barrie Prep since the tenth grade. As an international student, he has been able to experience diversity, an English learning environment, and multiple subjects of an American school. Jianwen is particularly grateful to Barrie Prep for the opportunity to learn about different cultures. Since his sophomore year, Jianwen has studied different religions, including Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism. In his junior year, he had the chance to visit Spain and experience Camino de Santiago during Extended Study Week. In his senior year, he had the chance to visit Scotland and learn the history of independence of Scotland in Edinburgh. Barrie provided him the opportunity to make friends with different people of different cultures and nationalities. Barrie has also provided him a challenging environment in which he could achieve his academic goals. Above all, Barrie has helped him adapt to American culture and study, which helped him gain confidence. He would like to thank his teachers and advisors: Roberto, Laura, Noel, Riki, David Dulaney, Rachelle, Sunny, Paul, David Weiner, and Robert. He will attend Indiana University Bloomington in Indiana where he will study statistics.

Jong-Sun Mayele

Jong-Sun Mayele, son of Justine and Alphonse Mayele, began his transformational trek at Barrie in the ninth grade. His four-year journey helped him nurture interests through multiple artistic and academic electives. In Community Art class, he designed a mural to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the relationship between Thailand and America. Another class, Digital Music, helped him sharpen his skills related to sound technology and inspired him to continue working on his daily projects. Challenging courses kept him coming back to school, as he fell in love with the language of Spanish and pushed himself in math and science. As much as he excelled in academics--qualifying as a Junior Marshall last year--Jong-Sun’s passion for the arts blazed a path for others to share their own talents. After long hours working as a self appointed sound engineer at Barrie Prep, in musical rehearsals for his theatrical debut in The Wiz, and leading the soccer team as co-captain, Jong-Sun will attend University of Rochester to study audio music engineering and psychology next year. He would like to thank all the teachers in our close knit community who encouraged him to thrive, and his parents who made this all possible.

Ebrahim El-Taguri

Ebrahim El-Taguri, son of Faiza and Ahmed, came to Barrie Prep in middle school and is now leaving as a senior. He thanks Barrie Prep for instilling in him a strong sense of community. He has participated in many different clubs and associations, like the SGA, Ethics Bowl, and he was a Student Ambassador for Admissions. He has also participated in many sports, including soccer, basketball, and tennis. He has always had an interest in math and business; this year Ebrahim ended his advanced track in math with multivariable calculus. He will attend George Washington University in the fall to study marketing and international business, and one day he hopes to found his own company. He would like to thank his family, especially his Mom, Dad, and sisters who have motivated him to be successful in many areas of his life.

Grace Hotung

Grace Hotung was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Maryland. This was Grace’s first year at Barrie Prep. She attended Saint James Boarding School in Hagerstown before coming to Barrie Prep. During her time at Barrie Prep, she played on the girls varsity soccer team in the fall and was a member of multiple clubs, such as Makerspace. Grace appreciates the Barrie community for making her feel welcome. In particular, she would like to thank her teachers or their support and encouragement. She will attend the University of Tampa this fall.

Xiwen (Gloria) Luo

Xiwen (Gloria) Luo, daughter of Yanhua Liu and Tuo Luo, started at Barrie Prep in February of her tenth grade year. At Barrie Prep, Gloria participated in several athletic teams, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track. In those two years, Gloria also served as the first international student representative in the Barrie Student Government Association (SGA). She was also a member of the Activities Committee, the art fundraising program, and the musical Hairspray her junior year. She would like to thank her parents because she would not be the person she is today without them, and her host family and teachers who always supported and helped her along the way. She will be majoring in business at Georgia State University in the fall.

Jishen (Johnson) Wang

Jishen (Johnson) Wang, son of Xiaoqin and Chunlin, joined Barrie Prep in January of his freshman year. His three and a half years at Barrie Prep have made him who he is today by offering him the chance to develop his leadership skills in so many activities. During his senior year, Johnson served as Co-President of the Student Government Association, a starter on the varsity basketball team, and an intern in the Business Office. Johnson also had a major comic role in the spring musical Hairspray, and he was a member of the Debate and Model UN teams. Johnson immersed himself in American culture, and he is grateful to Barrie Prep for that opportunity. He would like to appreciate all his friends and teachers, especially Roberto, Persis, Laura and Paul. Furthermore, he would like to appreciate his parents for supporting him. Johnson will attend Emory University to study economics.

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