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A Progressive Education for 3 Months to Grade 12


Parents As Partners

Because of the dedication of our parent volunteers, we are not simply a school—we are a community of families.

Barrie School values and encourages parent engagement. Relationships between parents, faculty, students, and administrators are strengthened by parent involvement in the volunteer opportunities offered through our parent teacher organization. Barrie's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) promotes relationships between and among families and the school in order to foster a vibrant community in support of the school’s mission and values.

By finding meaningful, rewarding ways to share their time and talents, our parents find their place at Barrie and develop a sense of community. Through volunteering, friendships are forged, good work is done, and all aspects of our school community are enhanced.

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You are a member! Get involved!

Membership in the PTO is automatic for faculty, staff, and families. There is a $50 per family fee to help offset the cost of events.

Barrie suggests ten volunteer hours per year, per family. Families may volunteer all at once or a few times per trimester, and hours can be fulfilled in many ways, including off-campus.

Ways to Volunteer

Engagement Events: Create and foster opportunities for parental involvement within our community that will successfully develop relational bridges for our students and families. Events include the Back to School Pool Party, Winter BONDfire, Annual Skate Party, and Annual Benefit.

After Prom: A fundraising and planning committee devoted to providing a safe, supervised and entertaining environment for Upper School students to celebrate after the prom with their peers.

Drama Mama’s and Papa’s Club: The Drama Mama's and Papa's Club is dedicated to fostering an awareness of the theater and arts program and giving parents, friends, and families the opportunity to take an active role in supporting the Arts at Barrie School.

Teacher Appreciation:  Recognizing that Teachers are central to our community and celebrating their impact on the lives of our students and families.



When is a school more than just a school?

When you get involved!


Tiffany Smith

Director of Community Engagement, Executive Assistant to the Head of School

Parent Teacher Organization

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