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Bus Transportation

Barrie bus driving down the road

Free Shuttle

Barrie offers free morning and afternoon shuttles for students age 12 and up to Poplar Run and the Glenmont Metro station.

Daily Bus Routes

Barrie School currently offers two affordable daily bus transportation routes for students in Grades 1-12. The cost is $1,075 per year, per family (no cost for additional children). Please note that the same rate applies even if you choose to only take advantage of morning or afternoon service.

Route 1: Takoma Park and Silver Spring

Route 2: Bowie and Laurel


Want to Ride the Bus or Shuttle?

To sign up for the daily bus routes,  contact  John Wilson.

To ride the shuttle,   complete and return the permission form to Dan Hayden at dhayden@barrie.org.

Shuttle Bus Permission Form 

For more information about Barrie’s transportation program, please contact Dan Hayden at dhayden@barrie.org.

Barrie Transportation Rules and Expectations

Barrie School's Transportation Map

Special Bus Schedules

If only the Lower School or Middle and Upper School are closed, the buses will run as normal. If Lower School OR Middle and Upper School have a half day, there will be two departure times. One following the half day dismissal routes and times with buses departing Barrie at 12:30 pm and one at the normal dismissal of 3:45 pm.

If school is closed for professional development or all day conferences, there will be no bus transportation. Half day professional or conference days will have normal morning and half day bus times.