Special Event Days

Special Event Days are a signature feature and long-standing Barrie Camp tradition-- the highlight of the summer season! They often include special performances by campers and staff, team competitions, carnivals, rides, and treasure hunts.

Olympic Day
June 26

Barrie Olympic Games

Green, Yellow, and White teams compete for Olympic  ribbons. From the Torch Relay on Tuesday to Closing Ceremonies Friday afternoon, teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized.

Klondike Day
July 10

Trappers vs. Sourdoughs


A week long contest between Sourdoughs (blue) and Trappers (red) culminates on Friday with a gold rush, head to head competitions and relay races. Claim your stake, defend your properties, and hold on to your Klons!

Neptune Day
July 24

King Neptune vs.
Slime Slugger

The Slime Slugger returns wants to take over camp! King Neptune leads campers and staff in the defense against his uprising. The rebellion is foiled with a poolside battle. Celebrate the slimy victory during King Neptune's afternoon Festival!

Bon Voyage Day
August 7

A celebration as the summer comes to a close

Bid farewell to friends and enjoy your favorite activity one last time. Outstanding staff are honored at Flagpole. A tasty barbecue lunch is prepared for all. An afternoon Carnival closes out the summer. 



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