Extended Hours - Supervision

Morning and Afternoon Supervision is available for an additional fee to families who need to drop off early or pick up late. Using the campus’ natural setting, playgrounds, turf field, gymnasium and pool, these times are unscheduled; allowing for a relaxed morning warm-up or afternoon cool-down for campers.

There are two supervision groups, one for children in Lower Camp and one for children entering Grade One and above.


The AM and PM Supervision programs are in operation from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, and from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The program concludes promptly at 6:00 pm. There is a $2 per minute fee for late pick-ups.

Drop off and pick up locations are not manned until the appropriate hours of operation.


Lower Campers are located in the supervision room in McDermott Hall and the playground used exclusively by the Lower Camp groups throughout the day.

Middle and Upper Campers use the amphitheater playground, upper pavilion, Strauss Gym and classrooms in Rothschild Hall.

Lower Campers continue to use the same Lower Camp rooms that they use during the camp day in McDermott Hall Lower Camp supervision room and the playground that is used by Lower Camp groups throughout the day.

Middle and Upper Campers begin at the amphitheater playground and the pavilion on our upper campus. At 4:30 pm, they move to the pool and adjacent pavilion on our lower campus.Campers entering grade one and above enjoy an extra free swim during PM supervision.

AM Supervision Arrival

  • Parents may drop off their child in the car circle on our upper campus or park in the gravel lot and walk their camper to their AM location.
  • Staff will walk campers from the car circle to their appropriate AM Supervision location

PM Supervision Dismissal

Lower Camp children are picked up on our upper campus. Parents must park in the upper lot and walk to McDermott Hall to pick up their child.

Middle and Upper Camp children are picked up on our lower campus in front of the pavilion. Parents use a drive-through check-out procedure by the pool pavilion. When a parent arrives, a counselor will escort the camper to the car. Parents can wait in the car during this process.

  • All children departing from PM Supervision must be signed out by the pick-up person.
  • Parents must inform the camp office, in writing, to grant permission for someone else to pick up the child.
    • A phone call must be followed up with written permission.
  • Staff are instructed to wait for authorization from the camp office before releasing a child to anyone other than his/her parent.
    • The new person arriving to pick up must show identification
  • This procedure is followed regardless of any delay or inconvenience to the parent.

Inclement Weather During PM Dismissal

During an active thunderstorm, no campers or staff will be permitted to be outside. Depending on the timing of the storm, prior to 4:30, middle and upper campers will remain on our upper campus. Inclement weather after 4:30, campers will take shelter in the Jamie L. Roberts Athletics Center on our lower campus. Lower Campers will remain in the same location on our upper campus.

An email will go out to all families enrolled in PM Supervision should the PM Supervision program be indoors. Parents are welcome to park and enter either gymnasium to pick up their middle or upper camp child.


The afternoon Extended Hours program includes a snack. Campers are welcome to bring their own snacks from home. Snacks from home cannot be shared.


Special arrangements must be made with the Camp Nurse if a child needs medication during AM or PM Supervision.



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