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Mustangs playing at the college level

Since 2000, Barrie School has had over 25 student-athletes go on to play at the NCAA Division I, II and III levels.

Recent student-athletes who have committed to or are currently playing a sport in college include: 

Yoshiko Slater '21
Soccer at Emerson College

Marissa Kleckner '21
Swimming at American University

Koran Savoy '20
Basketball at McDaniel College

Harrison Seabold '19
Lacrosse at Allegheny College

Noah Gregerman '18
Soccer at Clark University


Koran Savoy

Koran Savoy '20 playing basketball at Barrie School during his senior year.

Noah_Gregerman at Clark University

Noah Gregerman '18 playing soccer for Clark University.

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Wayne Clark

Director of Athletics, Health, and Wellness

College Athletes

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