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A progressive education for 12 months - grade 12


We Hope You'll Stay Connected!

The best way to stay connected with Barrie is to share your current contact information, your stories, and what you've been up to since leaving Barrie!

We are always looking for new board members, local  contacts and those interested in giving back to the school financially.  Or if you have any ideas of how to stay involved, we're open to hear them! 


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Alumni Profiles

Would you like to be featured in an Alumni Profile? We'd love to hear from you! Please complete the Alumni Information Update Form to share your story.

Daniella Kyei, Class of 2005

My name is Daniella Kyei, and I attended Barrie for the 2004-2005 school year. The experiences I had there, in that 9 month period I think speaks to the kind of place Barrie is, and the type of leaders Barrie helps mold and create.

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Sam Arora, Class of 1999

Sam Arora spent 14 years at Barrie, from Pre-K all the way through 12th grade. Since then, he has embodied the results of a Barrie education and put it to tremendous and varied use.

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Ary Shalizi, Class of 1993

Back in the early 1990s, it was not unusual to encounter someone walking around with long hair on the top of his head, with the back and sides shaved. At Barrie, that someone was Aryaman (Ary) Shalizi (Class of 1993). While his hairstyle is long gone, Ary's Barrie education continues to pay dividends, both personally and professionally.

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Amanda Archer, Class of 2005

"Barrie is a special place. You really do not understand the value until you're out." Amanda Archer spent more than 14 years at Barrie, from pre-k through graduation. She is considered a "lifer" and recalls a number of positive experiences during her tenure as a student.

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Theo Eftimiades, Class of 2009

Theo's journey at Barrie began where many others started — middle school. After attending international school for his elementary education, he entered public school, where his social and intellectual maturity stagnated. In the fall of 2005, Theo enrolled in the Barrie School, where he spent treasured years of his life.

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