2020 Millennium Scholarship

This Scholarship recognizes students entering Grades 6-12 with exemplary records of academic achievement who demonstrate strong leadership and a deep commitment to extracurricular activities, the arts, and community service. This Scholarship aims to recruit students who are kind, compassionate, intellectually engaged, and exhibit an abiding respect for their peers, teachers, and school. Students should exude a passion for Barrie’s collaborative and project-based environment, and relish the opportunity to explore a complex, challenging curriculum.

Why Barrie Makes a Difference

Our Mission is to “Empower individuals to expand their intellectual abilities, develop their creative talents, and discover their passions to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world.”

With this Mission at the forefront, Barrie's Millennium Scholarship was created to expand the next generation of innovators and leaders based on the belief that exceptional students can make an important difference in our world when nurtured in the best educational environment.

Like all Barrie seniors upon graduation, we expect scholars to earn admission to a wide range of highly competitive colleges and universities, and then go out into the world and make a difference in science, engineering, humanities and arts, global affairs, and service. Barrie will be carefully tracking the successes and achievements of Millennium Scholars in their years beyond graduation.

Application Process

  1. Please submit an online admission application.
  2. Applicants will be considered for the scholarship based on transcripts (GPA and courses taken), teacher recommendations, SSAT or ISEE test scores, on-campus Admission interviews, and level of involvement in extracurricular activities, arts, and community service.
  3. Due to the highly competitive nature of the applicant pool, prospective students may choose to submit supplementary videos, essays, or projects which represent their academic and social achievements to strengthen their application. Contact the Admission Office for specific instructions.


Between November and February, all school applicants will be invited for a full day Barrie Prep experience as part of the general Barrie admission process. They will interview with faculty members, “shadow” students in core academic classes, and learn more about the academic and social experience at Barrie. Applicants and their parents will also be invited to campus and will have the opportunity to meet the Head of School and engage with Barrie faculty and current families.
On Friday, March 6, 2020, the Admissions Office will notify students of their scholarship status along with their admission decision.


How much will Scholarship recipients receive each year?

Millennium Scholars will receive up to $20,000 per year through graduation. For example, a sixth grade scholar will receive that amount until he or she graduates from Barrie seven years later as long as they continue to meet the yearly expectations of the award. The cumulative value of a scholarship will range between $20,000 and $140,000 depending on a recipients’ entering grade level.

What are the requirements for maintaining the Scholarship?

To renew the scholarship each year, students must remain in strong academic and social standing within the community, and maintain an average unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the end of each academic year. 

How will the awards be funded and who is eligible to apply?

Millennium Scholarships are funded by a designated gift from an alumni family who supports Barrie’s efforts to recruit new students with exemplary levels of academic achievement to join the 6th to 12th grade Prep Program.    

As a result, new applicants to Barrie Prep who meet the academic and extracurricular criteria are considered for the Scholarship. Former Barrie students who have attended another educational institution for at least two full school years will be eligible for the Scholarship as long as they meet the same standards of exemplary achievement and left Barrie in excellent standing. 

Current Barrie students, international students, as well as children and relatives of Barrie faculty, staff, and trustees are not eligible to apply. 

Are siblings or family members of current Barrie students eligible to receive the Scholarship?

Yes. Individual students not currently enrolled at Barrie are eligible like any other new student as long as they demonstrate exceptional academic and extracurricular achievement.

How many Scholarships will Barrie award?  

The number of Scholarships will be determined based on the depth and competitiveness of the applicant pool each year.  

What will my tuition obligation be after the Scholarship is applied?

Scholarship recipients are expected to contribute the difference between the overall tuition level and their award. Please see the 2019-20 tuition levels as a guide.

Given that the award lasts through graduation, scholarship winners will be able to experience an extraordinary education at an exceptional tuition level. With this in mind, scholarship families will be expected to absorb any annual tuition increases, as well as pay any additional standard fees.*  Please note that all books are included in tuition and are offered to students at no additional cost.

*These include fees associated with Extended Study Week, as well as optional services such as bus transportation, the Equestrian program, and 6th-8th grade Extended Day and After School Enrichment.

What is the relationship between this Scholarship and Financial Aid?

Millennium Scholarships will be allocated solely on academic achievement and will be awarded independent of financial need. Financial Aid is awarded based on a family’s financial profile. Students who may require financial aid above the Scholarship level are encouraged to apply through the standard financial aid submission process.

Students who have submitted all required documentation by the deadline will receive notification of their scholarship status and level of their financial aid when they learn about their acceptance on Friday, March 6, 2020.