Technology & Innovation

Technology at Barrie will support and enhance the educational environment by empowering students to be digital and global citizens and staff to address the needs of diverse learners while cultivating future leaders. Students, staff, and community members will use a wide range of resources and technologies to access, process, and communicate information thereby making Barrie an innovative leader amongst its peers.

We - the teachers of Barrie - implement technology in meaningful and age-appropriate ways that enhance learning through the use of the TPACK - technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge - framework. Our lessons are enriched with the latest resources due to our growing eLearning library and access to content online. Lessons are aligned to national standards to include Common Core State Standards and NETS - National Education Technology Standards, to name a few.

Barrie supports students and staff by providing them the latest in technology. Our partnerships with schools in other countries support global learning and collaboration as we prepare our students to be productive citizens. Our students and staff are trained to be technologically savvy and prepared to compete with peers globally.

Technology Used at Barrie

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