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A Progressive Education for 3 Months to Grade 12


Technology & Innovation


It's full STEAM ahead at Barrie!

At Barrie, it's all about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math which makes the creative, innovative, and intelligent use of technology all the more critically important. By blending the best elements of traditional teaching and student/teacher relationships with the inventive nature of digital learning, our students are being prepared for the future.

Technology is thoughtfully integrated into the educational experience in ways that inspire and encourage our students. Grade-level appropriate digital tools provide students and faculty with technology that supports the curriculum. Instructor- led computer classes give students an opportunity to pursue specific interests and deepen learning.

At Barrie, students use technology as an everyday part of 21st century learning.

  • 1:1 Technology Initiative 
    All students in Grades 6-12 receive school-issued Chromebooks as an integral part of their Barrie experience. Lower and Upper Elementary students (grades 4-5) receive classroom sets of iPads and Chromebooks.
  • Innovative Course Offerings
    Students in the Middle and Upper School apply and extend their technology skills through individual interests, AP Computer Programming, Robotics, Makerspace, and Barrie TV, an elective class that enables students to design, create, and execute various media projects on campus. 
  • Lower School STEAM Curriculum
    All Primary age 4 through Grade 5 Montessori students engage in a STEAM curriculum that includes activities ranging from learning coding to building electrical circuits to engineering Lego robots. This signature program will empower our students to develop an important set of skills to think scientifically, experiment thoughtfully, and develop entrepreneurial solutions.
MUS makerspace

Through the powerful and iterative process of imagining a problem, designing solutions, repeatedly building and testing, and accomplishing a solution, students develop creative confidence, persistence, and purpose.

STEAM & Makerspaces for Grades K-12

Barrie’s  STEAM curriculum makes math and technology visible, touchable, artistic, and accessible to all students from Kindergarten all the way through to seniors in the Upper School. Our aim is to cultivate curious students who think for themselves and can confidently ask questions, question answers, and understand the world around them.

At Barrie, we have age-appropriate makerspaces on both our lower and upper campuses.

Students engage in innovative problem solving and learn collaborative skills that enhance social-emotional connections.

Just a few of the resources students explore in our makerspaces include:

  • Coding & robotics
  • 3D printing & digital fabrication
  • Woodworking
  • Electronics
  • Digital multimedia
  • Kinetic machines
  • Design thinking & prototyping
  • Multimedia construction