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A progressive education for 12 months - grade 12


Striving to ensure that Barrie School is an inclusive environment for all learners.

Barrie School’s Student Support Services Team (SSST) partners with teachers and parents to provide the learning and social-emotional supports needed for students to achieve success.

In every classroom, students are asked to push beyond absorbing information and ask questions: “What if? What next? What about?” And the teachers along with the SSST are all part of the team encouraging every student to go further in their learning. The team provides direct support to students as well as consultative support to parents, faculty, and staff.

For students who qualify, Accommodation and Care Plans are developed and implemented, so all our students can meet their highest aspirations, regardless of personal learning style. 

The SSST also coordinates and consults with outside professionals who work with Barrie School students, including tutors, mental health professionals, pediatricians, occupational and speech therapists, and other service providers.

Meet Our Team

Natosha Speight

Director of Student and Family Services, Co-Dean of DEI, Student and Support Services Department Chair

Madison Donnem

Lower School Counselor

Kirstie Abernathy

Director of Health Services

Rachel Tate

Middle and Upper School Learning Specialist

Beverley DiTusa

Lower School Learning Specialist

Genius is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.

Thomas Edison

Student Support Services

Students walking past the Research Learning Lab