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A Progressive Education for 3 Months to Grade 12


Academic Overview

Cultivating lifelong learners

Serving a diverse and inclusive student body, our intentional education throughline from Montessori (3 Months to Grade 6) to Project-Based Learning (Grades 6-12), cultivates learning that lasts. Our challenging education experiences unlock intrinsic motivation and innovation in both students and faculty.

Active Learning is foundational to Barrie School’s approach to education. It is the common ground between Montessori and Project-Based Learning and—we believe—key to excellence and cultivating a love of learning.

At Barrie, this begins at the earliest ages, when Montessori learners choose their own work, are challenged by teachers to explore new topics, and then reteach what they have mastered to their peers. As students grow, they are continually empowered to take charge of their own learning. Project-Based Learning emphasizes analysis, research, creation, and innovation of strategies and solutions.

At Barrie School active participation is the first step in understanding and mastering more and more complex concepts. We believe that active participation is fed by intrinsic motivation, and that the key to academic excellence is unlocking the self-motivation that every learner has inside.