Lower School
12 Months - Grade 5

Maker Space (Kindergarten through Grade 5)

Barrie students dream, make, think and do in their new maker space.

Through the powerful and iterative process of imagining a problem, designing solutions, repeatedly building and testing, and accomplishing a solution, students develop creative confidence, persistence, and purpose.

A combination engineering lab, computer studio and scientists workshop, Barrie Montessori’s innovation STEAM center facilitates opportunities for students to discover, tinker, produce, solve, design, invent, and experiment.

We know that children best develop their science and mathematical interests in a context that is personal, creative, and joyful. Barrie students learn about electricity while building circuits and programming robots to navigate custom mazes and perform defined tasks. They learn how to use an array of kinetic and kinesthetic tools, creating prototypes to solve real-world problems. Our students use science journals to capture their ideas and work collaboratively to share and develop their vision for things they have designed and created.

In true Montessori fashion, Barrie’s explore-for-yourself STEAM curriculum makes math and technology visible, touchable, artistic, and accessible to all students from Kindergarten all the way through high school graduation. Our aim is to cultivate curious students who think for themselves and can confidently ask questions, question answers, and understand the world around them.

The STEAM Makerspace Director collaborates with our Montessori classroom teachers to design learning experiences that reinforce essential skills in areas such as Science, Math, Engineering and Technology, in connection with arts practices and design thinking. Students engage in innovative problem solving and learn collaborative skills that enhance social-emotional connections. Just a few of the resources to be explored in our new space include:

  • Coding & robotics
  • 3D printing & digital fabrication
  • Woodworking
  • Electronics
  • Digital multimedia
  • Kinetic machines
  • Design thinking & prototyping
  • Multimedia construction

Barrie’s innovative STEAM center is located in the Upper Elementary Building on the lower campus and will allow students to spread out in an expansive, light- filled dual -classroom space.