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College Counseling


Oh, the Places They Are Going!

By participating in robust project-based learning experiences at Barrie School, students are well prepared to collaborate with their peers in college, self-advocate with professors, and think critically and expansively about complex problems.

The College Counseling Program at Barrie School is a comprehensive and structured advising program that aims to provide students and their families with up-to-date information, supportive counseling, and applicable resources.

Our College Counseling Office  is dedicated to guiding every student through the college selection and application process. Looking for a small liberal arts school? We've got you covered. The college with the best mechanical engineering program?  We'll help you there, too. The perfect blend of care for each student and effective strategies for admissions sets our college counseling program apart. 

The college admissions process is a partnership venture that brings students, families, and our college counselor together for the support and encouragement of each student.

The overriding goal is to help students look within themselves to understand who they are in and out of the classroom and help them find a best-fit college or university, then help them get there.

The Journey to College

Barrie School's small class sizes in the Upper School allow for individualized attention not present in public schools and other larger independent schools. In addition to activities specific to each grade level, Barrie welcomes colleges and universities from around the world each fall to visit with juniors and seniors. 

College Acceptances

99 percent of graduates matriculate at 4 year college


Brittney Howell

Director of College Counseling, Testing Coordinator, Communications Liaison

College counseling is as holistic a process as college admissions. I value the social and emotional aspects of a family discovering the right-fit school for the individual student. As the climate of college admissions continues to change, I aim to prepare the student and family with individualized support and resources to feel successful on the journey.

Brittney Howell

Barrie School  CEEB/ACT Code:  210951

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