Prep Schedule - Grades 6-12

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Benefits of the New Five-Day Schedule

Later School Start Time
  • Starting classes at 8:30 AM instead of 8:10 AM will give students one hour and 40 minutes of extra morning time per week for additional sleep, an easier commute, or more preparation time before the day begins.

  • See Sleep experts recommend new school start times for teens or the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s position statement on the need to start the school day at 8:30 AM or later.

  • We will continue to accommodate parents whose schedules require they drop their students off by 7:50 AM.

  • Advisory will be held from 1:55 to 2:05 PM each day as opposed to 3:20 to 3:30 PM. This allows students to check in with their teachers at a more focused time of day after their academic classes have finished. It also allows upper school elective teachers and students, especially in STEAM and the arts, more opportunity to work together beyond the end of class.

Longer Blocks of Academic Time
  • We were able to achieve a later start, and slightly increase academic class time by substantially reducing the number of transition periods during the day.

  • The five-day, extended block rotation means that students will only have three core subjects to prepare homework for each weeknight. This allows teachers to develop more meaningful, high quality assignments and students to experience a robust and humane workflow.

  • Longer blocks give teachers more opportunity for open-campus learning (OCLs) field trips. These extended blocks also give juniors and seniors extended advanced science lab time, and the opportunity to leave early for internships in the DC area.  

  • Classes will meet each Monday for a solid 60 minutes to launch the week. Classes will meet on Tuesdays through Fridays in 80-minute extended blocks to facilitate labs, class discussions, and sustained learning activities.

  • To ensure some rotation, not all classes on Monday occur at the same time of day as the rest of the week. Students are already familiar with longer blocks as each day currently begins with an 80 minute block (8:10-9:30 AM).

Expanded Project Based Learning
  • Numerous studies have shown that longer blocks support high quality Project-Based Learning (PBL). We have worked with faculty to adapt our curriculum to sustained inquiry in longer blocks of time with the help of Kristyn Camps, a PBL educator from the Buck Institute for Education (BIE).

Questions? Please contact Head of Barrie Prep Kristin Arndt.

Making the Decision

In 2017, Barrie Prep teachers and administrators began to explore ways to improve the daily schedule for students, parents, faculty, and staff. 

  • We investigated a multitude of designs from around the country,
  • Explored the latest research on how class schedules can improve student learning, and
  • Centered our work on benefiting students’ experiences.

We answered the questions:

  • How can we enhance the amount of sleep students get without sacrificing academic time in class or athletic opportunities after school?

  • How can our new schedule create a more predictable and easy-to-follow daily experience for students and parents?

  • How can we allocate time differently to empower teachers to develop the next level of innovative project based learning at Barrie?