Extended Study Week - Grades 9-12

Extended Study Week (ESW) is a week in Spring when regular Prep classes are suspended in order for students to experience a week of intensive educational exploration, both on and off campus, culminating in an ESW presentation night.

Spring 2019 Programs

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The Awareness Project: Issues Related to Immigration and Refugees
(Grades 9-12)

What do we need to learn to raise awareness around issues associated with immigration and resettlement?

Students will investigate the challenges that face the local immigrant and refugee community and learn about how to empower these communities. Students will conduct an in-kind donation supply drive for the International Rescue Committee, and engage in on-site volunteer opportunities, culminating in a community awareness campaign.

Belize: Marine Science
(Grades 11-12)

How is the health of coral reefs tied to human actions?

Students enrolled in Barrie's Marine Science course will participate in field research that reinforces topics discussed in class. Activities may include:

  • Learning to snorkel
  • Identifying reef fish and invertebrates
  • Monitoring spotted and bottle-nosed dolphins
  • Monitoring manatees
  • Surveying parrot roosts
  • Restoring riparian zones
  • Learning about Belizean culture and history
  • Hiking through a rainforest

(Grades 9-12)

How does encryption work and what are its uses?

Students will use both classical and modern methods of encryption to encode texts and exploit the weaknesses of those methods. They will assemble an electronic Enigma machine to attack texts encrypted with it in realistic WWII conditions.

Students will also use public keys to understand how computers communicate and encode and decode texts, determine the level of security of those keys, and use a scaled-down version of the Data Encryption Algorithm to understand how it worked. 

Ireland: Legends of the Emerald Isle
(Grades 9-12)

What is the role of traditional culture in shaping modern literary identities?

Few places honor their legends in everyday life as much as Ireland. Storytelling dominates the landscape of the Emerald Isle. Students will take a close look at the legends and myths of Ireland and how the landscape, music, and storytelling play into the literary imagination. Students will be challenged to re-imagine Irish myths and legends through fiction writing, in order to create a one-time publication of stories and poems. 

LGBTQ Life in Theater
(Grades 9-12)

What impact has the LGBTQ community had on the success of trajectory of Broadway shows, and how have those shows helped shape America?

Students will visit New York City to discover the vibrant community that has supported successful shows like Kinky Boots, Fun Home, La Cage Aux Folles, and Harvey Fierstein’s Torch. Students will visit WOW! Theater, and the NY Public Library to choose and view an LGBTQ related production that has closed on Broadway. This program will include a trip to the historic Village district in NYC, and theaters in the DC / Baltimore area, including the Gay and Lesbian Center.

Mural Arts of D.C. and Philadelphia
(Grades 9-12)

What purpose should public art serve? Who should be allowed to make public art? What is the ideal proposal process artists should go through?

Students will tour neighborhoods with local artists and guides to learn what inspired their subject matter, styles, and locations, and how they work with community members and city officials to make decisions. Students will research materials and techniques for working collaboratively on a large scale, and will have the opportunity to propose ideas for a new mural on the Barrie campus.