Barrie Prep - Grades 6-12

Visual and Performing Arts

Regardless of ability or experience, students are welcome to explore their creative side through Barrie’s Arts program.

“It’s more of a community than a class”

--Alex R. '18

Why Choose ARTS @ Barrie?


From introductory courses and advanced independent studies, to open mics and Extended Study Week programs, Barrie students can dip a toe in the arts curriculum or dive in head first.

Creative Freedom

Student voice is a key ingredient for creative endeavors at Barrie. Teachers embrace the individual perspectives students bring to their art.

Professional Quality Production

Industry professionals collaborate with Barrie faculty and students to share their experience and introduce the techniques and technologies they use in their careers. Students in visual art classes work similarly to professional artists.

Teachers coach students to improve the quality of their work and engage with new ideas. They do not dictate, but listen carefully to each student’s intention. Young artists at Barrie are encouraged to be brave in their choices, and are in a supportive environment when they take risks.

Each winter the musical generates excitement across the school students in grades 4-12 are encouraged to participate. In instrumental music classes, students learn the skills to speak the language of music and communicate effectively with their fellow instrumentalists. These skills allow them to learn a complex song, compose and arrange multiple parts, and participate in an improvisational jam session at Barrie and beyond.

Students in visual art classes experiment, collaborate, and practice developing strong compositions with movement and focus. Their goal is to create work that has personal meaning that can be conveyed to others. Through this process they develop the skills and confidence needed to display artwork, and become life-long creators.

“We are inspired daily by our beautiful campus” --Deena R. ‘19

Arts Facilities

Art Studios

The visual art classes take place in a house that is original to the Barrie Campus. It features three natural-light filled studios: There is ceramics studio with five potters wheels, A digital art lab with wacom tablets, and a painting studio. At Barrie, the campus is a display space for artwork. While the lobby of the Safer Theatre showcases student artwork for Arts Nights, art can be installed in classrooms, outdoors, hung from ceilings or filling the gym.




Performing Arts classes take place in the Safer Black-Box Theater. This dynamic space transforms to showcase vocal and instrumental music performances, a fall dramatic production, and the Spring Musical.


Students not only perform in the spaces, but they are also trained in sound, lighting, media and set design, equipment maintenance, in addition to stage and production management. As a prepared environment for students to rehearse, compose, and record music, Safer Theater invites students to explore their creativity, using a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments and a portable studio.

  • Theater
  • Choral & Instrumental Rehearsal Room
  • Concert Hall
  • Theatrical Rehearsal Space
  • All-School Meeting / Assembly
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Scenic Shop
  • Lighting, Media, & Sound Production Lab