Barrie Prep -Grades 6-12


Be curious, ask questions, discover, and take intellectual risks.

At Barrie, science is another lens through which we view our extraordinary environment.

Our courses emphasize active, exploratory, hands-on learning. Students are taught to think like scientists; they analyze data, identify patterns, and apply their understanding to new situations. They emerge from our program with a deep understanding of the natural world and the ways in which science explains their day-to-day life.

Sample Projects
  • Space Balloon: Students design experiments and instrument packages to send up 90,000 feet into the stratosphere, and then analyze recovered data.
  • 3D printed rockets: Students learn modern CAD tools to design, 3D print, and launch model rockets.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Students prepare the active ingredient in aspirin and determine its purity by spectrophotometry.
  • Plastic Pollution Sculptures: Students learn about the effects of plastic on our environment in Marine Science.

3-D Rocket Launch

At Barrie, we believe that a strong science foundation is an indispensable part of our mission to create informed world citizens, and empower young men and women to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world.

Students explore the world in an experiential manner. Examples include investigating colony collapse of bee populations, maintaining vermiculture bins, building trebuchets, and researching carbon sequestration. Students explore science by using our 45 acres of land as an outdoor classroom. Nature walks, water quality tests, invertebrate surveys, chemistry demos and trebuchet demonstrations all take place outdoors.

Middle School Science


High School Science

Barrie Prep Students Attend NASA Advanced Space Academy

In December 2018, Barrie Prep upper school students attended the NASA Advanced Space Academy in Huntsville, AL. Full of experiential, theoretical and collaborative work, students immersed themselves into understanding how scientists and engineers study the great realm of space. This experience is connected to our 9th grade Planetary Science/Physics course.

Science Electives

Science Electives coming in 2019-20