Barrie Prep -Grades 6-12


We recognize that little is created in a vacuum and that students need to understand the holistic culture of a time period in order to appreciate its details.

Unlike conventional high schools, Barrie School engages students in an interdisciplinary study of the Humanities.

Our experienced and enthusiastic faculty inspire students to explore unfamiliar cultures and challenge their assumptions about their own. Using the project-based learning method of education, Barrie students learn to think critically, read analytically, speak articulately, and write persuasively.

A study of conflict in the Middle East is not complete without a background in comparative religion, as well as discussions with partisans from both sides; an analysis of The Great Gatsby demands knowledge of America’s post-WWI economic boom, the accompanying alienation, and the development of jazz; exploration of the Holocaust is deepened by reading Elie Wiesel’s seminal Night. Consequently, Barrie students do not take “English” or “History.” Instead, beginning in 6th grade, students take “Humanities,” an interdisciplinary course that combines history and literature with philosophy, economics, religion, political science, music, theater, dance, architecture, painting, and sculpture.

Middle School Humanities

Humanities Electives

High School Humanities