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MS Health & Wellness

Middle School Life-Grades 6, 7, and 8

Specifically geared to the complex, rapidly-evolving physical and emotional needs of 11-14 year-olds, Barrie's Middle School Life (MSL) focuses on mind­ body wellness. The class develops a strong foundation in content and skills, empowering students to make wholesome life choices, engage in healthy risk­ taking, self-advocate, and make a positive impact in communities large and small.

Beginning in Grade 6 and continuing through Grade 8, this course emphasizes a different theme each trimester. During the first trimester, students focus on neurodevelopment, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, as well as understanding the negative impacts of stress on the brain and body . The second trimester students focus on social development and awareness; topics include difficult conversations, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, diversity and how to be an ally, peer pressure and healthy risk-taking behavior. The second trimester also covers drug and alcohol awareness. Third trimester, students focus on anatomy, puberty and comprehensive sex education. They will integrate and connect all of the skills they have developed throughout the year to engage their minds and bodies fully in how to make healthy sexual decisions.

Each grade's MSL class is guided by a lead teacher; guest speakers heighten discussions and provide fresh insight around specific topics. Each trimester's theme is explored through the framework of community membership, neurodevelopmental studies, and mind-body wellness.

Middle School Life also interweaves with the Middle School Advisory and Service Learning programs: together, they serve as the tripod of support Middle School students need to reach their full potential as learners, leaders, community members, and healthy individuals.

Service Learning

Service to the community has been a part of the Barrie experience since its founding as a school by enhancing academics through social participation and action. Service Learning provides a powerful, hands-on, student­ driven learning experience for Middle Schoolers. It develops the student's ability to understand their place in the world and how they can best make a positive impact. Service Learning is both a teaching and a learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with academic instruction and reflection to enrich the student experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. While students often work with external organizations to meet identified community needs, teachers make both personal and curricular connections to the projects the students pursue.

A key element of effective Service Learning is curricular integration. Therefore, Barrie's Middle School Service Learning Program is driven through art, math, humanities, science and other disciplines where topics are often explored through cross-curricular instruction. Using our on campus resources as well as local community organizations, parks, museums, and other DC Metro area locations that support their learning, students address community needs and issues related to their scope of study and Service Learning projects.


Barrie's athletics program provides students with the opportunity to participate in either an interscholastic athletic program or a non-interscholastic physical education program. All students select an athletic program each season. In the interscholastic athletic program, students can choose from a variety of individual and team sports including: volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball, tennis, and track and field. The fundamental physical skills, rules, tactics, and strategies of each sport are taught; positive sports conduct, leadership, and team dynamics are emphasized throughout the year. Middle School teams compete against other local area independent and public schools. The non-competitive physical education program offers a movement course which incorporates experiences in lifetime activities, dance, yoga, strength training, and cardio workouts.