Lower School
Montessori Program

12 Months - Grade 5

Barrie's Lower School focuses on the uniqueness of each child, supporting optimum learning experiences, and integrating a hands-on Montessori approach.

Welcome from the Lower School Head
Emily Lund

In Barrie's Lower School, we embrace toddler through elementary students with learning profiles as unique as their fingerprints. Each child brings unique strengths and challenges into our highly structured Montessori learning environment. Teachers understand that every child may not developmentally follow the exact same road map to excellence or achieve concept mastery within the exact same time frame. I invite you to be an active partner with your child in their learning journey!

Montessori at Barrie

The Montessori classroom is designed as a safe and secure environment for social and emotional learning which is taught, practiced and occurs spontaneously. Nurturing each child’s spirit is a sacred charge. As children walk in the door, they are welcomed warmly with respect and joy. Each child is someone who matters to the teacher. Teacher modeling of caring and compassion are tangible lessons transmitted to children.


Toddler Program
Ages 12 months - 3 years

Primary Program

Ages 3 - 6

Music and Art
Toddler - Grade 5

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Barrie Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies

Since 1980, Barrie has been a leader in Montessori education for teachers. The Barrie Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies offers Montessori teacher education programs each summer, which lead to American Montessori Society (AMS) teacher certification.

Accredited with non-traditional Montessori age groupings.