Ways to Give

To join our community of supporters in giving a gift to Barrie School.

Contributions to the Annual Fund can be made in different ways, including cash, credit card, securities, corporate matching gifts, and in-kind donations of goods or services. In addition, Barrie School allows donors to make recurring gifts through bank debit. Gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible, as allowed by law.

  • Cash - Contributions of cash, checks, or money orders are accepted. Checks should be made payable to “Barrie School Annual Fund.”
  • Recurring Monthly Gifts – Many donors find that a monthly debit is a convenient way to donate to the Annual Fund, spreading the gift over several months. This option is available on our website.
  • Credit Card - Contributions by credit card can be made on-line or in person in the Business Office. Barrie accepts VISA and MasterCard.
  • Stocks, Bonds, and other Securities - A gift of appreciated securities could provide you with a sizable tax deduction.
  • Corporate Matching Gifts - An easy way to increase the amount of your contribution to Barrie is by finding out if your employer has a matching gifts program. Check with your Human Resources department to find out if there is such a program. If one exists, request the matching gift form, complete the donor section, and send the form to the Barrie School Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Planned Giving - Supporters can help insure the long-term security of the school through planned giving. Gifts of this nature can be made in the form of a will bequest, life insurance beneficiary, or through a retirement plan.
  • In-Kind Contributions - Contributions of goods and services are also accepted. 

Other Ways to Give


 Amazon.com: Through Amazon's School Rewards program, supporting Barrie School is easy - and free! There's no need to sign up; just click through this link to Amazon.com and Amazon will contribute at least 4% of your purchase to support Barrie! 


 Giant contributed over $1,300 to Barrie last year.

If you have a Giant Food card, click here to register Barrie School.

 If you DO NOT have a Giant Food card, click here to register - it's free!


www.escrip.com - Participating merchants will donate up to 10% of the dollar amount of your purchase using supermarket discount and/or credit/ATM cards. Signing up online is easy and make sure to use Barrie School group ID# 6472697. Merchants include Safeway, Eddie Bauer, and OfficeMax.



www.target.com/tcoe - Barrie has set up an account at Target. Participants are asked to sign up for a Target VISA or Target Store Card and Target will match 1% of every purchase made at Target and 1/2% of any purchase made elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund


Why does Barrie fundraise? Isn’t tuition enough to cover the costs?


As an independent school, Barrie does not receive any financial support from national, state or local government. Barrie relies solely on tuition fees and proceeds from fundraising to meet operating expenses. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Barrie education. By keeping Barrie’s tuition competitive, every student in the school is subsidized by the Annual Fund.


What is the Annual Fund?


The Annual Fund is the primary fundraising vehicle for Barrie and generates the funds needed to reach the goals of the School’s operating budget. It is also one way that parents, grandparents, alumni and friends can show their commitment to an independent school education. By keeping tuition increases to a minimum and soliciting contributions for the Annual Fund, Barrie is able to:
• Offer greater financial aid to students;
• Attract and retain highly experienced and qualified faculty and administrators;
• Maintain and improve campus facilities and technology;
• Provide opportunities for professional development to faculty and staff.


Why is participation important?


A voluntary contribution is a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to Barrie and to insure that current Barrie students continue to receive an excellent and well-rounded education. By making Barrie a philanthropic priority, you insure that students spend their days in an enriching, nurturing, enlightening, and safe environment. Regardless of the amount of the contribution, every gift counts!


Are gifts to the Annual Fund tax-deductible?


Gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible. Barrie School is a 501c3 organization.

“I chose to give to the annual fund because my time at Barrie School was special to me and laid the foundation for my successful college experience and my career. I’m happy to be in a position now to give to Barrie and enable others to have the same opportunities I did.”

Alumnus, Trustee Ian Andrews