Community Service/Internships

Community Service is an essential part of learning one’s place in the world, how to make an impact on true community needs, and what kinds of career options are available. In addition, students acquire myriad skills necessary for successful participation in the workplace. Students are highly encouraged to complete the bulk of their CS hours with the same organization, allowing them to become dependable volunteers, gain varied work experience and receive valuable feedback from supervisors over time. 

As part of the Community Service program, students will work closely with advisors and the Community Service / Internship Coordinator to complete required pre- and post-service reflections on their experiences, and translate their community service work to demonstrated skill sets on a resume. Reflection and evaluation will help students understand how knowledge should have social benefits, and that contributing effectively to communities requires being academically knowledgeable and skilled. The ability to translate experience to skills, apply academic learning to a work experience and speak articulately to others about what they have learned is a key first step to securing a valuable internship position in their junior and senior years.

Students are required to perform 96 hours of community service by the end of their grade 10 year.   They may meet this requirement by volunteering after school, on weekends or during summer vacation. This allows for greater flexibility with students’ schedules, and also provides them a chance to pursue opportunities that are meaningful to them. Service performed during vacations must be pre-approved by either the advisor or CSI Coordinator.