Logging On: Accessing Barrie.org

We would like to be sure that you are familiar and comfortable with the parent portal, class pages, and the school directory. Please take a few moments to make sure you and your student can access all of the resources our school’s website has to offer.

We recently implemented a new system to manage academic and biographical information. This system will improve our academic record keeping, reporting, and integration of different systems on campus. Unfortunately, the implementation of the new system was not as speedy or smooth as we had hoped, and this limited some functionality of our website at the start of school. We apologize for any inconvenience.

At this point, most of these issues have been addressed, and data is flowing between our new system and our website. Family directory information should be up-to-date and teachers and students are making use of their class pages.

Barrie Parent Portal

As a Barrie parent, your primary point of entry to the Barrie website is the Parent Portal, which you can access by clicking the word Parents at the top of any page on the website. You might want to save this page as a bookmark to facilitate access. We have attempted to consolidate all important information and links for parents on this page, and news items of interest to parents are posted here as well.

Logging In

When you access the parent portal, you will be asked to login. Your login is the full email which the school has on file for you (eg.jsmith@gmail.com). If you have forgotten your password, or never had one, you can reset your password by clicking the retrieve password link. You can also access a video explaining this process. If you are unable to retrieve your password, or your email address is not recognized, please contact Patty Simon, psimon@barrie.org.

Updating Your Information

Once you have logged in, you can see what information the school has on file for you by clicking on the View/Update Your Profile link on the left hand side of the screen. We strongly encourage you to maintain this information yourself, as this will limit typographical errors and ensure that changes are distributed throughout the school.

School Directories

In the parent portal, you have access to school directories by clicking on the Directories link in the orange parent portal menu. These will allow you to quickly and easily look up a student, parent, or faculty member. You may also find the Class Lists (which appear below the Directories item once you click on it) to be a helpful way to view or print a convenient listing of all of the families in your child’s class.

Class Pages

Teachers at Barrie provide information to and about their classes through the Class Pages on our website. In the Lower School, the focus of these pages is to communicate information to parents and provide necessary resources. In the Middle-Upper School, the class pages are really targeted to the students, providing homework, class links, and other resources. Parents can still access the class pages of their children at any grade level.

To access your child’s classes, you must first select your child’s name from the pull-down menu below the orange menu on the parent portal. Once you do this, you will see a list of his or her classes (note that this list will change slightly over the coming weeks as teachers customize how they share class info with parents). Click on a class to view news, homework, and other class resources. Note that your Middle-Upper School student can see a combined listing of all homework posted on his or her different class pages on the Student Portal. You can see what your child sees by clicking on Students at the top of the screen and again selecting your child’s name.

If there are issues with the classes you are seeing, parents or students should contact Patty Simon, psimon@barrie.org, in the Lower School or Irene Pfefferman, ipfefferman@barrie.org, in the Middle-Upper School.

Parent Files

Parents can access forms and documents through the Parent Files on the bottom, right-hand side of the website (your student has similar access through the student portal).

Custom Areas

The parent portal also contains areas which each parent can customize to see the information you value most. Click on the Choose Your News, Choose Your Calendars, or the Add/Remove Teams links in the relevant areas to maximize the usefulness of your parent portal.

We hope this information is helpful and you find our website useful. If you have other questions about our website that are not addressed above, please send an email to our support team at webadmin@barrie.org.