Extended Study Week

Each spring, the students and faculty of our Middle-Upper School take a break from regular classes, working on- and off- campus on an exciting journey of learning and exploration. A highlight of the student experience and a time-honored tradition at Barrie School, Extended Study Week (or ESW) 2012 will include Buddhism in Thailand, CSI: Barrie, Dolphins, Reefs, Mangroves, Oh My!, and New York as You've Never Seen it - just to name a few. Read on for a preview of each of these adventures!

Buddhism in Thailand has two integrated parts; it is a traditional international ESW where the students are exposed to and interact with a particular aspect of a foreign culture. The other part is the Ambassador Project with our sister school, Mechai Pattana School, in Buriram province. While we are there, program participants will foster relationships between our two schools and interview Thai people for individual research projects. When the student ambassadors return, they will be liaisons to the Barrie community about Thailand and Mechai Pattana. (Leaders: Persis Andrews and Paul Leistra)

CSI: Barrie Oh no! There’s been a break-in . . . and someone’s been MURDERED!!! Do you have what it takes to crack the case and figure out whodunit? In the CSI-Barrie ESW, students will learn all about collecting evidence and analyzing blood and blood spatter patterns, fingerprints, ballistics, counterfeiting and forgeries, and identifying the processes that tell you when a victim died. With visits to local museums and discussions with experts in Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation helping them to learn observation and investigation skills, there’s no doubt that they’ll catch the perp. (Leaders: Lisa Clarke, Rose Young, and Roberto Vilarrubi)

New York as You’ve Never Seen It will look at New York City, that microcosm of America, in ways most people never have the opportunity to experience. Some of our plans include a look behind the scenes at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, examining the effect the different “mafias” have had and continue to have on the city and its people, visiting Harlem and the Apollo Theatre, enjoying Broadway theatre and a jazz club and visiting all five boroughs using exclusively public transportation. Our participants will develop a familiarity with the city and gain some insights as to how it has affected American life and continues to do so. (Leader: Ernie Beyard)

Dolphins, Reefs, and Mangroves, Oh My! Students enrolled in this program will explore various sites in southern Florida, including the Keys, Everglades, and southern mangroves, to learn about the ecology and wildlife of the area. As explorers, they will investigate the issues that face this area as a result of human interaction, natural disasters, and other natural phenomena. Students will take part in local and national initiatives to support this area through several service projects designed to help protect these resources, as well as take part in interactive learning experiences about specific species of flora and fauna of the diverse landscape that is south Florida. (Leaders: Rachelle Adams, Kat Park, David Dulaney, and Riki Weeks)

Nature & Art: Students will learn to make art in a wilderness setting on the Potomac river. After preparations on the Barrie campus, these young artists will set off in canoes for three days and two nights. They will stop often to make artwork that documents their personal experience and nature. All art forms are accepted on this trip, including: visual art, music, writing, or a combination. (Leaders: Sunny Gough and Richard Chin)

Featuring French Film: The 20th Annual Richmond French Film Festival
Students are heading down to Richmond on the Amtrak train on Monday the 26th for three days of symposiums with French cinema greats in a 20th-anniversary celebration of what has become the largest French film festival in the United States. Then comes the festival itself, four days during which we'll view and analyze new French films, discuss them with actors and directors, and attend a VIP reception. (Leaders: Anna Gilcher and Roberto Vilarrubi)