Board of Trustees

As a legal entity, the Board of Trustees is responsible for perpetuating the trust of the school and overseeing its welfare. The Board’s primary responsibilities are to employ the Head of the School and to supervise, support, and assess the Head’s performance. The Board also establishes the school’s mission, philosophy, and educational ends, while developing a strategic plan derived from that mission.

The Board formulates broad policy and assures continuity of the founding vision and core values of the school. The Board is accountable for the well-being of the school, providing the expertise and vision to ensure the advancement of the school’s mission for future generations.


June 1, 2015

We end our school year at Barrie proud of our achievements and excited about our future.

Our new Barrie logo -- rolled-out at the beginning of the year -- was about more than new stationery and a new header on our website. We felt the new look and message signaled a determination to grow, innovate, and ensure that every Barrie student experiences the joy of learning and the rewards of academic and personal excellence.

Barrie’s Board of Trustees has been busy this year. In addition to promoting our steady growth and ongoing curriculum innovations at all grade levels, we have endorsed the expansion of our thriving toddler programs and have continued to foster our cutting edge teaching fellows program. We have crafted budgets and supported the most successful annual fund drive in recent memory. We have also just completed a new strategic framework to guide Barrie's growth over the next five years.

Our new state-of-the-art turf field will be completed by early summer, giving Barrie athletes and campers a safe and consistent playing surface available for year-round use. We all look forward to putting it to use – first for camp activities and then for sports and recreation in the 2015-16 school year.

As Chair of Barrie's Board of Trustees and the father of one of its graduating seniors, I have been particularly gratified to see all that that we, as a community, have accomplished this year. We should take pride in the success of our graduates, who have earned both admission to top schools and substantial merit scholarships as well.

As the summer approaches, I hope your free time will have just the right balance of fun and relaxation. We have big plans and eagerly look forward to welcoming new classes of students eager to take advantage of Barrie's extraordinary environment for learning this autumn.

Kevin M. Creamer M.D. FAAP
Chair, Board of Trustees