Board of Trustees

As a legal entity, the Board of Trustees is responsible for perpetuating the trust of the school and overseeing its welfare. The Board’s primary responsibilities are to employ the Head of the School and to supervise, support, and assess the Head’s performance. The Board also establishes the school’s mission, philosophy, and educational ends, while developing a strategic plan derived from that mission.

The Board formulates broad policy and assures continuity of the founding vision and core values of the school. The Board is accountable for the well-being of the school, providing the expertise and vision to ensure the advancement of the school’s mission for future generations.

Welcome from the Board Chair 

August 6, 2014

I would like to take some time to introduce myself as the incoming Chair of Barrie’s Board of Trustees. My name is Kevin Creamer. I’m a practicing hospital based Pediatrician and Army retiree. My family and I have been part of the Barrie community since 2007 and our son enters his senior year this fall. I have worn many hats at Barrie: parent, volunteer, school physician consultant, donor and have served on the Board of Trustees since 2012. This past June, I was privileged to be selected by the Board to serve as Chair. It is a role I take very seriously. I wanted to express my gratitude for the tireless service of the outgoing Chair, Bob Roberts, whose dedication to Barrie is unsurpassed, and to Debbie Silverman a board colleague who is stepping down after years of energetic engagement.

I have spent time over the summer cultivating a deeper understanding of all aspects of Barrie. I learned from key faculty and staff of the upper and lower schools, camp, and institute. I’ve toured the buildings and grounds and organized a successful strategic planning retreat for the Board. I’ve again concluded that Barrie truly is an extraordinary environment for learning. We are lucky to have so many nurturing, skilled and passionate people teaching and fostering our children on this amazing campus.

As the summer winds down, we eagerly anticipate the coming school year. I’m excited by all the exceptional new faculty and staff that will be joining our outstanding team. The trustees look forward to seeing you throughout the year and developing even stronger community ties. In order for you to get to know us better brief biographies of all the current trustees can be accessed on the Trustee Directory. We strongly encourage you to seek out opportunities to get involved and volunteer your time or talents. Barrie’s strength lies in its community. We are Barrie, all of us – students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni working together on behalf of our children.

If you see me or any of the Trustees at a Barrie event please take the time to introduce yourself. The board’s role is to serve Barrie so we definitely want to hear from those we serve.

Kevin M. Creamer M.D. FAAP
Chair, Board of Trustees