World Book Web Goes Mobile!

I remember the days when our dining table was covered with encyclopedia volumes because a question came up during dinner. Today many families are more likely to have a laptop or web-enabled phone at hand than a hard-cover encyclopedia set...and their information-seeking venue is just as likely to be out of the house as at the dinner table. Yet the need for students to have a reliable source of readable reference material for background information remains the same.

The Barrie Library subscription to the World Book Web now contains a number of resources to fill this need and is available when you are on the go...

  • World Book Kids (simple navigation, colorful illustrations, and activities for young students)
  • World Book Student (The complete World Book encyclopedia plus multimedia, web links, and periodicals)
  • World Book Discoverer (A collection of resources for differentiated learning including read-aloud, text translation, video, and clear, easy-to-read information)
  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (a beginning Spanish encyclopedia) and, for our emergent readers,
  • Early World of Learning (narrated stories, interactive games, and non-fiction material help young learners build vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency)

Visit and logon using "barrie" and "library" as your password.

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