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Barrie Library Catalogs:

Lower School Libraries (A Follett Destiny catalog of the merged holdings in the upper and lower campus libraries)

RLL Thematic Collections (A Library Thing catalog of fiction and nonfiction available in the RLL which supports the MUS themes)

(Use the Gale Virtual Reference Library search box above to access our collection of nonfiction ebooks)


SIRS Discoverer

Good for research for 2nd through 6th grades.  Access magazine articles, newspaper articles, and other topical information here. Use Lexiles to evaluate their reading level.

SIRS Researcher 

Full text journal and newspaper articles searchable by topic for older students.

Annals of American History

Annals of American History Online provides a year-by-year documentary of American thought and action through primary sources, including the speeches, documents, memoirs, poems, and interviews of more than 1,500 contributors.  This resource dates back to Columbus's first visit and continues to the election of Barack Obama.

World Data Analyst

World Data Analyst is a rich collection of current and historical statistics on the countries of the world designed to make historical and cross-national comparisons between countries and groups of countries easy.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

The largest comprehensive dictionary of American English currently available.  In advanced search, the citations database gives access to examples of real world usage.  At the foot of each definition is a list of synonyms, antonyms, related words, and near synonyms, making it useful as a thesaurus.  For people who love words and vocabulary, there are games, blogs, and word lists as well as the ubiquitous "word of the day".  

Enchanted Learning

A collection of curricular materials for grades K-12 which can be of limited use to  students unless they are seeking charts and the like.

Britannica Global Reference

Global Reference Center provides comprehensive global content on subjects such as art, geography, history, politics, science, sports, technology, and more. Each site also contains additional local content—including culture, history, and traditions—specific to each product. Brilliant photos, detailed maps, and other images accompany the text, engaging readers and encouraging further learning. The Global Reference Center is ideal for native speakers and students of foreign languages.

  • Enciclopedia Moderna and Escolar Online (Spanish) - Escolar Online is perfect for elementary students and beginning Spanish students; Enciclopedia Moderna is designed for native speakers in older grades and for advanced Spanish students.
  • Encyclopædia Britannica Online Japan
  • Encyclopædia Britannica Online Korea
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (Simplified Chinese) - Search titles in English as well as Chinese for easier retrieval.
  • Encyclopædia Universalis (French) - the most comprehensive online French encyclopedia available.


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