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Barrie Camp appeals to a broad range of children. Those who love the outdoors and enjoy having plenty to do will make themselves at home here quite comfortably. Children who need to leave electronic devices behind will be surprised by how many other things they can do to have fun. Barrie seeks to develop your child’s best qualities and provides an experience that resembles the key experiences of your own childhood. In our world today it might seem like we are moving further and further away from the lifestyle that encourages such things. At Barrie, we provide all of the things that are needed for kids to be engaged, supported, safe, and among friends.

The Environment - Once called “The Ranch,” our forty-five acres of woods, fields, ponds, and streams are the ideal setting for unlimited outdoor activity, bringing children closer to nature and supporting camp programs.

Things to Do - By listening carefully to suggestions and enhancing the core selection of over thirty programs, we blend perennial favorites with new things so one summer is different from the next.

Staff Guidance and Mentoring - Creating a joyful culture and developing remarkably close relationships with campers over time, counselors understand what their children experience in their daily lives and offer trusted guidance.

Community - Campers, new and returning, are welcomed into the program throughout the summer, becoming part of a gathering of children from over one hundred and fifty schools that expands their social setting beyond their own neighborhood.

So Many Ways to Grow - Camp is a great place to hone a skill, learn something new, and try something out. It is also a place to strengthen social skills with fellow campers, establish an identity, and, most importantly, just be yourself. Through hands-on experiences, collaboration, and diversity of thought and culture, campers are encouraged to be themselves and to explore and try new things, accept challenges, and find joy in all that they do.

We hope you will consider Barrie Camp when making summer plans for your children.

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Open House Dates

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017
Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017
Sunday, Mar. 12, 2017

History & Philosophy

Barrie Day Camp is outdoorsy and the program provides developmentally appropriate, indoor and outdoor activities that kids really like (and need) in the summer. Campers enjoy a wide variety of activities in our day camp or focus on a specific interest in one of our specialty camps. In either setting, campers are hands-on, exploring new things, and strengthening their skills. Older campers can participate in our Counselor-in-Training programs, acquiring leadership skills while earning community service hours.

Friendship, Community, Leadership

Barrie Camp emphasizes social competence and friendship; enhancing self-esteem and confidence; positive values and inner growth; and cognitive and physical development. We create an environment where campers:

  • learn to work together and get along as a team
  • learn to respect others and to value different kinds of people
  • be themselves and find friends who can appreciate their unique qualities
  • learn to trust others and themselves
  • gain confidence by making decisions on their own and living with them
  • learn and practice anger management and conflict resolution skills
  • develop life values and a vision and purpose for the future
  • learn new skills and develop interests
  • assume responsibility and learn practical life skills

Good camping experiences expose children to people of all kinds and broaden their respect for the characteristics that make other people unique and interesting. We respect the unique character, strengths, interests, fears, and needs of each camper. We don’t believe in forcing an activity on a child because summertime should be relaxed and fun. Instead, we encourage campers to give everything a try, find a way of doing it with friends, and to accept the support and encouragement of counselors.

We train our staff members to be patient, enthusiastic, and playful. They understand how to manage situations if a camper’s safety or well-being is at risk. When addressing issues, we want campers to accept responsibility and think through solutions on their own.

An Extraordinary Environment - Our forty-five acres of woods, fields, ponds, and streams make Barrie an ideal setting, an oasis of sorts, for unlimited outdoor activity including, nature study, walks in the woods, critter collection, and gardening. With on-site riding, swimming, and boating, everything can be done on campus without the need for trips to parks and pools. The campus looks much the same as it did when the Layhill “ranch” became the camp's home in 1956.

Barrie is self-contained, a wooded preserve perfect for a safe, stress-free community where campers can enjoy all of the benefits of a true camp experience.


  • Equestrian facilities including a riding stable and ring
  • 25-meter Olympic outdoor swimming pool – 2.5 to 5 ft. deep
  • Fourteen air conditioned school buildings and cottages
  • Two ponds for boating and nature study
  • Two Gymnasiums – one full-size and one half-size
  • Black Box theater
  • Art building, ceramics studio, and arts-and-crafts shack
  • State of the art computer facilities
  • Outdoor amphitheater and stage for Flagpole, special events, and entertainment
  • Athletic fields, including a stunning Turf field
  • Archery Range
  • Hiking Trails including access to Matthew Henson Trail.
  • Four playgrounds
  • Tent platforms for overnights
  • Two pavilions and innumerable shaded picnic areas

"Our daughter loved the camp, and we were very pleased with the camp overall. We particularly appreciated the facilities, the outdoor activities, and the transportation options. We were thrilled with the camp and plan to attend for several weeks next year."

Quick Facts

Barrie is an extraordinary environment for summer learning, exploration, and fun – camping at its best. Our brand of camp is more important than ever for today's children. With a wide variety of activities, a vibrant social community, all-in-one facilities, and a lush, natural setting, Barrie campers can feel safe, be themselves, explore new things, enjoy the outdoors, spend quality time with friends, and appreciate the support and encouragement provided by an exciting group of counselors and specialists.

Camp Open Houses

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on the following Sundays:
January 31 - February 21 - March 13

If you missed our open houses and would like to visit, contact us at 301-576-2816 or We would be happy to make arrangements for a daytime tour, Monday through Friday.

Bring family and friends – no R.S.V.P. required.

Day Camp

Our day camp program provides the most comprehensive mix of traditional camp activities, perennial camper favorites, and fun new things. Campers have on-site swimming, riding or ponies, sports, nature, arts and crafts, dance or movement, music, storytelling, cooperative games, dramatics, archery, ceramics, karate, American Sign Language, outdoor living skills, yoga, and optional one-night or two-night overnight campouts. In addition, campers entering grade four and above are scheduled for day-long field trips approximately once every two weeks. Activity periods are 35 minutes in length and besides swimming each activity will be on the schedule about once a week.

Specialty Camps

Specialty camps offer a half day of a specialty activity combined with a half day of the regular camp program. Specialty programs currently offered include Horseback Riding, Theater, Naturalists, Martial Arts, Digital Video, Sports, and Art. These programs are primarily for children entering grades four and above, however a few are for children entering grade two through four.

Leadership Training

Our counselor-in-training program is available for fourteen and fifteen year-olds. Participants develop the necessary skills to become future counselors and leaders through participation in guided training activities, discussions on child development and group management, and hands-on experience assisting camp counselors.

Outdoor Education

includes our Outdoor Living Skills (Pioneering), Nature, Overnights, and Field Trip programs. Campers move into our natural habitats and are acclimated to the natural world. Overnights are optional for children entering grade one and above. Field trips are optional for campers entering grade four and above.

Special Event Days

Scheduled every second Friday during the camp season for all campers:

Olympic Day – July 1; Klondike Day - July 15; Neptune Day - July 29; Luau Day - August 12

The 2016 Season

Camp is open for eight weeks from June 20, 2016 to August 12, 2016.


Children must turn four through fourteen by December 31 of 2016. Note: Fourteen year olds must be enrolled in the leadership training specialty camp: the C/CIT program.

Minimum Number of Weeks

Campers must be enrolled in two weeks or more weeks of camp. The exception to this rule is the C/CIT program which requires four weeks of camp. Weeks of camp do not have to be consecutive.


The regular day is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Arrival time is from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. Departure time is from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Extended Hours

Before and after camp supervision is available on a full time or drop-in basis. Morning supervision begins at 7:00 am and afternoon supervision ends at 6:00 pm.

Staffing and Supervision Ratios

Three staff members are assigned to each group (average 18 campers): two senior counselors (age 18+) and one junior counselor. The staff to camp ratio for pre-K and Kindergarten children is 1 to 6. For all other groups the ratio is 1 to 7.

Group Placement

Campers are placed into camp groups according to the school grade they are entering. Friends can be placed together so long as they are the same age and both sets of parents agree that it is a good idea. Note that some day camp groups are coed while others are for either boys or girls.


Campers entering Grade One and above swim twice a day and campers in Lower Camp and Specialty Camps have pool time once a day. Campers are swim tested when they arrive at camp to assess their skill level and to determine where they can safely swim in our pool. Basic swim instruction is offered during regularly scheduled swim times twice a week to non-swimmers and beginning swimmers. Swim instruction is not provided for more advanced swimmers and campers in specialty programs.

Lunch and Snacks

Campers bring bagged lunches to camp and they are kept refrigerated until lunchtime. Morning snacks are offered to children in our pre-K and Kindergarten groups and pm supervision groups. All campers have a pop-sicle at the end of the day.

Camp Nurse

The nurse is present during the core hours of the day (8:00 am to 4:30 pm).First-Aid staff is on duty between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.


Click HERE to go to our Online Camper Application. Click HERE for a printable copy of the camper application. Either online and hard copy registrations are accepted. Payment in full is due with the application.

Pricing and Discounts

Click HERE to see the 2016 camp rate chart.

Our best Earlybird rates continue through February 14, 2016. Other discounts continue through March 31, 2016. Discounts are offered to families who enroll 1) early, 2) more than one child; 3) for more than two weeks; or who refer a new family to camp.

Payment Plans

Payment plans can be made by arrangement with the director. Plans are typically monthly, automatic credit card charges. They begin with an initial one-week charge with the application and continue through the final payment that is due by the time the camper begins camp.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds, credit, or remission of fees, except as follows:

- If a request to withdraw a child is received in writing from the child's parents by May 15, 2016, the camp will retain the tuition for one week of camp and will refund the remainder of tuition and fees.

- In the event that a child is unable to attend camp due to a serious and/or extended illness or injury that has been confirmed in writing by the child’s physician, the Barrie Day Camp will refund or credit tuition for the number of consecutive days absent after the first five consecutive days of absence.


Our beautiful 45-acre campus is at 13500 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906 (about a mile north of the Glenmont Metro station)

Assistance and Guidance

We are happy to provide personal assistance if you call 301-576-2816 or email


Bus Routes

Pick-up point bus service is available from the following locations: Click HERE for detail.

Takoma Park : Takoma Park Middle School, Rosemary Hills School, Four Corners Safeway
Northwest DC : Tenleytown Metro, Lafayette ES, North Chevy Chase ES
Bethesda : Westland MS, Bethesda Outdoor Pool, B/CC HS, NIH, Kensington Safeway
Potomac/Rockville : Fallsgrove Village Center, Falls Road Park, Cabin John Mall, Rockville Sports Authority

Our pick-up point service is convenient for families who are not able to bring children to camp themselves. Our routes are designed to transport campers to and from camp as quickly as possible. For this reason, we do not pick up children at intermediate stops or door-to-door. The Late Bus is a popular option for parents using the Bethesda and Chevy Chase/Tenleytown routes and who are unable to pick up their children at a bus stop at earlier drop-off times.

Camp Staff

Director Sue Wentzel assumed the role of Camp Director in November 16, overseeing the Summer Camp, Extended Day, and Equestrian Programs. She looks forward to leading the team that will build on existing traditions while introducing exciting new programming.

Associate Director Jason Kromirs begins his third season with the camp and has an extensive background in camping, youth development, leadership training, outdoor education, and community event planning. Jason and his wife have two children and his first will be eligible for camp this year.

Assistant Directors supervise each camp division and its respective staff. They are experienced professionals with degrees in education or a related field. They are concerned with the health and well-being of campers and are available to provide support to camp families. Additional duties include monitoring of program quality, supervision of specialists, creation of the weekly camp schedule, overnight registration, and special event day planning.

Registered Nurse Our camp nurse is on duty during the regular camp day. First Aiders are on site from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Specialists and Program Directors Specialists and program directors lead each of our programs, having a relevant college degree or specific training, experience, and certification in their field. Generally, 85% of our program staff return from one summer to the next.

Camp Counselors Camp groups are supervised by an enthusiastic, caring, and well-trained team of counselors, typically two senior counselors and one junior counselor. We maintain a one to six staff to camper ratio in Lower Camp and a one to seven ratio in all other groups. Senior Counselors are age generally age eighteen to twenty one and enrolled in college. Junior Counselors are Juniors and Seniors in High School. Counselors are expected to keep campers safe; be mindful of their needs, personalities, developing set of strengths; and provide friendship, encouragement and support. Campers often value the relationships they have with their counselors above any other aspect of the camp.

Counselors-in-Training Fifteen year-olds can apply for a CIT position in our leadership training program. CIT's learn how to care for children while earning community service hours.

All camp staff have undergone reference checks and criminal background investigations. They participate in a comprehensive, pre-camp training program specific to the needs of Barrie campers and as required for accreditation by the American Camp Association.

"The counselors were fantastic. Our kids could not stop talking about them and those who rode the bus with the kids were very pleasant and professional."

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