Athletics Overview

Playing the game

Athletics are a year-round part of life at Barrie School. During the winter, boys' and girls' Mustang basketball squads compete at both the Middle School and Varsity level. Join us in the Gym for a Barrie home game.

Our program and coaches place a strong emphasis on participation, perseverance, and skill development. While competition is an important aspect of sports at Barrie, teamwork and sportsmanship are highly valued.

The Lower School physical education program is designed to inspire and encourage an active lifestyle. Students are exposed to a wide variety of games that help to develop balance, coordination, and endurance.

Our Middle and Upper Schools field interscholastic teams in soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, tennis, equestrian, and track & field.  Offerings in a particular year may vary based on student interest.

The Upper School Athletic program competes in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference (PVAC) and the Interschool Horse Show Series (IHSS).