Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Barrie

From drama to choir to rock band, the performing arts provide the pulse of life on the Barrie campus -- and beyond.

Barrie students have the freedom and support to discover their talents and pursue their own interests. Small classes and enthusiastic teachers encourage all students to explore the performing arts and perhaps discover a hidden talent or interest.

The Drama Program is well-established at Barrie and produces plays and musicals that involve a majority of the middle and upper school student body in the performances and technical aspects of productions. Barrie’s faculty work with students of varying skill and interest levels.

Barrie's students have the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of theater through course work and productions in the black box theater.  

Our partnership with the Olney Theatre Company has provided our students with exciting on and off campus workshops, seminars, and productions hosted by their company, National Players.

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