Barrie offers free morning and afternoon shuttles to Poplar Run and the Glenmont Metro station. A contract is not required to ride the shuttles.

Morning Shuttle

  • 7:45am from Glenmont Metro to Poplar Run
  • 7:55am from Poplar Run to Barrie

Note: The Poplar Run pickup is located at the intersection of Moonlight Trail Dr. and Hideaway Pl.

Afternoon Shuttle

  • 3:45pm from Barrie to Poplar Run
  • 3:55pm from Poplar Run to Glenmont Metro
  • 4:30pm from Barrie to Glenmont Metro

Barrie offers three affordable daily bus transportation routes. The cost is $1,000 per year, per family (no cost for additional children). Please note that the same rate applies even if you choose to only take advantage of morning or afternoon service.

Download the 2016-17 Transportation Contract | Download the Bus Routes

Route One:

Rockville, Derwood, Olney

Morning Afternoon
Fallsgrove Center (near Krispy Kreme)
Depart Barrie
6516 Sweet Water Drive, Derwood
7:30am Olney Shopping Center
Olney Shopping Center (Rte 108)
6516 Sweet Water Drive, Derwood
Arrive Barrie School
Fallsgrove Center (near Krispy Kreme) 4:25pm

Route Two:
Northwest DC/Friendship Heights, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Kensington

Morning Afternoon
Friendship Heights (Jennifer Ave./Mazza Gallerie Side) 7:25am Depart Barrie School 3:45pm
Bethesda Library/Arlington Rd. 7:35am Kensington Safeway (10530 Connecticut Ave) 4:00pm
Greenwich Park/Old Georgetown Road 7:38am Knowles/Strathmore 4:02pm
Knowles/Strathmore 7:48am Greenwich Park/Old Georgetown Road 4:12pm
Kensington Safeway (10530 Connecticut Ave.)
Bethesda Library/Arlington Rd. 4:15pm
Arrive Barrie School 8:05am Friendship Heights (Jennifer Ave./Mazza Gallerie Side) 4:30pm

Route Three:
Takoma, Silver Spring, Wheaton

Morning Afternoon
Takoma Park (7611 Piney Branch Road) 7:20am Depart Barrie School 3:45pm
Downtown Silver Spring (Einstein Bagels) 7:35am Wheaton Library 3:50pm
Wheaton Library 7:55am Downtown Silver Spring (Einstein Bagels) 4:05pm
Arrive Barrie School
8:05am Takoma Park (7611 Piney Branch Road) 4:20pm

For more information about Barrieā€™s transportation program, please contact Hanh Nguyen at 301-576-2872.

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