Library and Technology Resources

Barrie School is committed to providing students with both information to support the curriculum and materials for recreational reading at all levels.

iPads in the classroom

Working with the University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab, Barrie's Lower School integrated iPads into daily teaching efforts, at the same time exploring and enhancing the particular role technology can play in a Montessori curriculum. See the results in this short video.


The Lower School maintains two libraries of approximately 4500 volumes each supplemented by an ever-growing video collection as well as a number of magazine subscriptions. Databases are also available for student use.

One of the libraries serves the students and teachers in the Upper Elementary division and is centrally located in their classroom building for easy access by independent researchers. The other library, a bright and airy facility, serves the students and teachers in the Primary and Lower Elementary divisions and provides a meeting space when needed.

The Middle and Upper School libraries are decentralized and consist of a number of classroom-based satellite libraries stocked with materials which support classroom curricula. In the Middle School, these are located in humanities classrooms and are supplemented by materials for recreational reading. The Upper School houses the bulk of its fiction collection in a specially-designated reading room. The Middle and Upper Schools also provide students and teachers with online and print subscriptions for student use.


At Barrie School, we are dedicated to:

  • allowing students to use "tools of learning"  effectively,
  • encouraging students to think and act creatively, integrating technology resources into the daily routine of their work and study,
  • creating an academically challenging environment for our students, and
  • ensuring students are technologically literate.