Welcome from the Head of Barrie Montessori

We are pleased to provide you with information about Barrie Montessori, an innovative educational experience for children age 18 months through grade five. Our conscientious faculty, low student-to-teacher ratio, and individualized attention provide an exceptional learning environment for our students.

Barrie Montessori is based upon the principles and teaching methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori recognized children’s innate desire to engage in meaningful work. She dedicated her life to developing methodologies which incorporate concrete and abstract experiences to meet each child at his and her readiness.

Dr. Montessori pioneered the concept that children possess an intrinsic desire to gain knowledge about themselves and their world through exploration and discovery. She found that the best learning environment provides the child with sufficient freedom to explore areas of interest under the guidance of trained teachers. Dr. Montessori’s interdisciplinary, project-based approach to science, literature, math, technology, and the arts prepares our students for the world beyond Barrie!

At Barrie, we make the most of our spectacular campus and children learn with the benefit of an amazing outdoor environment. We are a diverse and welcoming community that celebrates world cultures. We benefit from having the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies on our campus, where we prepare future Montessori teachers, informed by the latest research on early childhood development.

I invite you to tour our school, witness students engaged in meaningful work, observe their level of confidence, and experience the care and respect the students and teachers have for each other. See for yourself why Barrie Montessori is an extraordinary environment for developing young minds and our children’s futures!


Margie Smetana
Head of Barrie Montessori
Age 18 months through Grade 5

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