Student Life

Because students are people with wide-ranging interests and potentials, we have an abundance of activities outside of the classroom.

Our students want to come to school each day. Barrie is a lively, welcoming place where students fit in and find best friends. Students feel safe to be themselves, engage with others, and try new things.

Connection and meaningful involvement are central to student experiences. Leadership opportunities and service to others help to shape the Barrie student. Whether organizing games on the playground, hosting a student diversity conference, or planning a Poetry Slam, our students initiate activities and take leadership roles. Service to others can manifest itself in helping a friend tie a shoe, volunteering at an animal shelter, or working on environmental sustainability in Panama.


Barrie's annual SLAMSATION returned to the Olney Theater on April 25, 2012 with young poets from the Middle and Upper Schools sharing their work with the Barrie family and community at-large.