Our Mission and Philosophy


Empower individuals to expand their intellectual abilities, develop their creative talents, and discover their passions to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world.


Academic and personal excellence
Social, emotional, and physical well-being
Respect for self, others, and the environment
Collaboration and teamwork
Diversity of thought and culture
Community outreach


  • Challenges students to develop communication, critical thinking, leadership, and problem-solving skills to prepare them for college and active citizenship.
  • Accepts, supports, and celebrates each student’s character, interests, learning style, and potential for limitless growth.
  • Teaches respect for self, others, and the environment through hands-on experiences, collaboration, and diversity of thought and culture.
  • Provides a safe and natural setting on forty-five acres of woods, fields, streams, and stables where students are encouraged to be themselves and to explore and try new things, accept challenges, and find joy in learning.


At Barrie, we believe that all individuals possess an innate curiosity about the world and that the best education transforms that curiosity into passionate and sustained intellectual pursuit. We also believe that our society is best served by confident, creative, and independent learners who demonstrate a commitment to community through respect for self, others, and the environment.

Barrie provides a nurturing and accepting atmosphere and a curriculum that challenges students to reach beyond their current grasp. We recognize that education is a journey that should respond to the needs of students as they develop from concrete, multi-sensory learners into abstract thinkers with increasing capacities for critical analysis, collaboration and effective communication. Barrie believes that education should strike a balance between theoretical and practical learning. We strive to instill in our students a continuing desire for personal excellence in a complex and ever-changing world.