Head's Welcome

I hope this letter finds you and your children enjoying the season’s freedom and time to tumble together in the sunshine. My summer has been filled with excitement and preparation to join Barrie as your new Head of School July 1st. My wife and I are thrilled to jump in with both feet as Barrie parents and immerse our family in the school community. Our preschooler chatters daily about his Big Move to Barrie, about the new friends he will meet, the horses he will ride, and the teachers he will love. What a privilege for our entire family to join such a warm, inviting community of fellow families and strong team of faculty and staff.

In our family, we have long been saying that “July can’t come soon enough,” and it is now finally upon us. I am eager to spend my first week strolling our beautiful campus, immersing myself in the community, interacting with Barrie Campers, and seeing the Montessori Institute in action. I find Barrie’s Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies an impressive and intriguing national training ground for aspiring Montessori instructors. It seems this is one of the many places our veteran faculty shine, as they nurture and certify a rising generation of teachers who will take placements all over the country. In addition to engaging with our summer programs, I will be collaborating with the whole Barrie team to prepare the new school year’s launch. We look forward to providing a holistic and inspiring education for all students, from the tiniest toddlers to our graduating seniors.

I hope to see you in the months ahead and to learn more about your Barrie experience.

Jon Kidder
Head of School

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