So much of what we do at Barrie begins with our Montessori program. Serving students from age 18 months through grade 5, Barrie Montessori engages children in thoughtful pursuits and develops skills at each student's developmental level. We challenge students by establishing high standards for thoughtful work.

Barrie Montessori is also home to the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, a training and certification center for aspiring educators.

Together, these programs make Barrie a leader in Montessori education


Whether you've been a Barrie student since early childhood or are joining us from another school, you'll soon realize that Barrie Prep's programs are focused on you as an individual, a thinker, a learner, a leader, and an integral member of our community.

You'll find that we expect a lot of you -- and we believe you'll take great pride in discovering how much you can expect of yourself. Our rigorous academic program provides endless opportunities that challenge your skills, engage your intellect, and inspire your creativity.


Barrie Camp, a Washington, D.C. area institution since the 1950s, serves campers from ages 4 to 14. Our 45 acre campus offers a safe, self-contained environment perfect for campers to freely explore and enjoy their favorite activites with friends, new and old. Barrie Camp provides a range of traditional activities (both indoor and out), as well as new programs added to make each summer unique

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December 10, Lisbon Pony Parade

he Great Lisbon Farmers Feed The Hungry Parade scheduled for Saturday, December 10 is a fun event with horses and tractors galore! Three of our Barrie horses (Aspen, Sammi, and Chancey) and several Barrie students will be marching. Proceeds from the parade support local food banks. Spectators are welcome to watch the parade and visit the Christmas Village in Lisbon at the intersection of Woodbine Road-Route 94 and Frederick Road-Route 144.

Winter Bonfire December 15 3:30-5:30pm

Barrie PTO invites you to a Winter Bonfire on December 15, 3:30-5:30pm at the Upper Campus Pavilion. Join us for a festive afternoon of roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, drinking hot chocolate, and mingling with friends. Students are expected to be accompanied by an adult. Friends, families, faculty and staff are welcome!

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Barrie News

The student crew of Barrie TV, the Prep elective taught by Director of Technology & Innovation Vann Lassiter, debuted their second episode earlier this month. They tackled some sensitive topics and had some fun as well.

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A big thank you to the many volunteers that made this event possible! We had a record number of attendees, and each volunteer from the balloon makers to the clean-up crew made the event special for everyone.

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We would like to give a very special Thank You to Catherine Sobieszczyk (Caroline's mom) for spending countless hours prepping for and then delivering a day of STEAM to the Lower Elementary classes. Our students were using the scientific process as they explored volcanoes, estimated the height of geysers, and discovered how the earth's movements combined with erosion help shape our landscape.

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International Children's Day is celebrated annually at Barrie in October. This celebration of diverse world cultures exemplifies our mission and values as a school, enhances our Montessori curriculum, and provides us the opportunity to celebrate with each other as a whole school.

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Besides the obvious benefits of playing outside....fresh air, room to run and climb, a break from classroom work.....playing outside with friends provides opportunities both learning and social/emotional growth.

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Barrie is excited to form our first Lego Robotics League next year. We currently have 7 students signed up - 2 Middle School and 5 Upper Elementary - and welcome at least 3 more students in grades 4-8.

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After Barrie: Alumni Stories

Theo's journey at Barrie began where many others started — middle school. After attending international school for his elementary education, he entered public school, where his social and intellectual maturity stagnated. In the fall of 2005, Theo enrolled in the Barrie School, where he spent treasured years of his life.

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"Barrie is a special place. You really do not understand the value until you're out." Amanda Archer spent more than 14 years at Barrie, from pre-k through graduation. She is considered a "lifer" and recalls a number of positive experiences during her tenure as a student.

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Back in the early 1990s, it was not unusual to encounter someone walking around with long hair on the top of his head, with the back and sides shaved. At Barrie, that someone was Aryaman (Ary) Shalizi (Class of 1993). While his hairstyle is long gone, Ary's Barrie education continues to pay dividends, both personally and professionally.

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Student Work: Answering Essential Questions

What's the Best Way for a Solar Car to Catch a Few Rays?

Say you're out for a spin in your solar car, but you're driving east and the sun's heading west. Do you have to wait until sunrise to hit the road again? Barrie Prep junior James tackled this real-world question in his Engineering for Renewable Energy Technologies elective, building a functional model of a solar-powered car. He worked through three prototypes until he had a model that satisfied his curiosity. His process examined rolling resistance, gear ratios, and the optimal angles for the solar panels, with the last variable being critical. Determining that the angles varied with time of day and position of the car, he designed a pivot that would allow the solar panels to swivel such that they always faced the sun. Barrie Prep students and teachers explore real-world questions in hands-on ways.

What Is Montessori Math?

That's the algebraic expression of the trinomial cube, a foundational Montessori material. Guided by their teachers, Barrie Montessori students receive their first hands-on experience with the trinomial cube in the Primary division, when they're between 3 and 6 years old. As a sensorial exercise, they take the cube apart, handle the different-sized pieces, arrange them in the proper order, and reconstruct the cube. This seemingly simple exercise builds an intuitive understanding of advanced mathematical concepts and lays the foundation for more involved exploration and complex thinking as students advance.

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